Check out Solinas’ bowl appointments. But here’s who has the ‘real’ titles

To become general directors of health you must be enrolled innational list. And that’s that. The shortcuts of the regional registers are illegal acts. To the Board of Christian Solinas the reiterated Constitutional Court that yesterday, through sentence 209, quashed three articles of law 11 of 2020, including the one that established the Sardinian list of managers with fewer qualifications than the requisites required by Italian legislation.

Law 11 is the health care reform approved by the Regional Council, with only the votes of the center-right, last September. The reorganization, which travels one year later than the timetable, brings the health of the island back to 2015: the Assl wanted by the center-left of Francesco Pigliaru resume the shape of Asl, even if in substance it changes little because medical and hospital care will continue to be managed by a kind of single company called Ares rather than Ats (now in liquidation).

The fact is that after the ruling of the Constitutional Court a non-secondary detail emerges: Solinas center-right likes managers with fewer titles, considering that the commissioners reconfirmed last November 1st have been largely taken from the Serie B register, the Sardinian one, rather than from the national list, the only one that has value. Of the twelve appointments made last week by the council, seven – equal to 58 per cent – are not ‘regular’, according to when written down by the judges of the Council.

In the national list, updated to 2020, there are 1,226 names (at the end of the article the complete document). From a first reading, the Sardinians are 41. But when it came to choosing the commissioners of the Assl, the center-right preferred friendships to titles, in hindsight, the proximity to the parties, given the invention of the regional register canceled by Consult.

In the meantime, the eight Assl commissioners were reconfirmed last week. Of these only one, Flavio Sensi, at the helm of the Sassari socio-health company, is present in the national list; all the others had been ‘fished out’ by Solinas and allies in the Sardinian mini register. That is to say: Bruno Simola in Cagliari, Gianfranco Casu in Sulcis, Alessandro Baccoli in the Medio Campidano, Gianfranco Cossu in Oristano, Ugo Stochino in Ogliastra, Gesuina Cherchi in Nuoro e Francesco Logias in Gallura. On the other hand, the reconfirmations of Agnese Foddis to the University Hospital of Cagliari; from Simonetta Cinzia Bettelini all’Areus; in Massimo Temussi at Ats-Ares; of Paolo Cannas to the Brotzu.

Yet to make the General Manager in Sardinian health, the titled as the law commands are not few. Scrolling through the national list, here is in the meantime Marcello Acciaro, Solinas’s friend who in January 2021 was put out of action by Anac, the National Anti-Corruption Authority, but then was rescued two months later by the Lega Bettelini with a bizarre double pass that first touched Valcamonica ( read here).

Given the amount of names that make up the national list, in the coming days Sardinia Post will do a second check on the 1,226 registered professionals to see if there are other medical managers who work in the hospitals of the island, in addition to the 41 mentioned in this article. But the inclusion of Eugenio Annicchiarico, manager of Aspal, the regional employment agency, for a long time Dg in the regional labor department. The third Sardinian name is that of Maria Antonierra Barracciu, medical director of Radiology at Binaghi in Cagliari. Here again Giuliana Campus, same qualification to the spinal unit of the Marino hospital, also in the capital.

The list continues with Giorgio Carboni, nephrologist on duty in Sanlurui; Grace Cattina, former director of the Assl of Nuoro; Simonetta Maria Cherchi, veterinary manager at Asl 2 of Olbia; Octavian Contu, Head of Radiodiagnostics in Tempio; Antonello Cossu, same qualification in Internal Medicine in Oristano; Antonio Francesco Cossu, former director of the hospital of Ozieri; Franco Cudoni, head of Oropedia in Sassari; Pietro Delogu, executive of Areus; Giuseppe Dessì, head of Orthopedics at Brotzu; Maria Cristina Garau, medical director of the analysis laboratory; Maria Francesca Ibba that Ats leads the Healthcare Professionals Area; Andrea Marras, former medical director in Sassari; Maria Valentina Eugenia Marras, head of the Hygiene, Epidemiology and Public Health Service of the Ats.

In the list they are still there Roberto Massazza e Luigi Mascia, both from Brotzu: one is the Risk manager, the other the head of pediatric surgery. Still: Marcello Mocci, medical director of Radiology in Oristano; Alberto Mura, director of the affiliated medicine service in Lanusei; Antonio Onnis, manager very welcome to the center-left who appointed him to lead the Sanluri Association; Luciano Giovanni Oppo, head of the Human Resources department of the ATS; Giuseppre Pintor, passed to Inail, but former commissioner of the Aou of Sassari as well as chief of staff of the former councilor Luigi Arru; Carlo Porcu, manager of ASL 1 of Sassari.

Still: Paola Raspitzu (Assl of Nuoro); Sandro Rolesu (Nuoro); Vincenzo Serra (Areus); Angelo Maria Serusi (Nuoro); Antonio Solinas (Sassari); Giorgio Sorrentino, former head of the Aou of Cagliari torpedoed for participating in Sardara’s lunch and investigated by the Cagliari Public Prosecutor on charges of embezzlement; Antonio Lorenzo Spano, commissioner of the Aou of Sassari, cousin of Temussi (read here). The national list continues with Giorgio Steri, another important manager of the Island Healthcare. Here then Paolo Tecleme who with the center left led the Assl of Olbia. There is also Antonio Tognotti, administrative manager at the Ats.

He also has the titles to make the General Manager of an ASL Marcello Tidore, the current director general in the Department of Health, one of the eligible candidates to enter the triad of department heads, the new apical figure of the Region provided for by the law on maxi staff. In the list buy as well Ennio Filigheddu, the administrative director of Brotzu also reconfirmed on 1 November. Instead, it is missing Raimondo Pinna, the medical director who will also be in office until 31 December.

Among the non-Sardinian health managers present on the national list and who have worked on the island there are Gino Gumirato, chosen for the ASL 8 at the time of Renato Soru governor, e Fulvio Moirano, the general manager of the Ats. Listed as well Giuseppe Maria Sechi, who did the reverse, went from Sardinia to Lombardy. Sechi was the General Manager of Health at the time of Arru.

Alessandra Carta

Here is the national list of DGs in health

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