School instrument of peace, the winners of the Civis Sum competition awarded at Lumsa – Il Tempo

School instrument of peace, the winners of the Civis Sum competition awarded at Lumsa – Il Tempo
School instrument of peace, the winners of the Civis Sum competition awarded at Lumsa – Il Tempo

“The message that comes to us from the young people who participated in ours in unison “I am a citizen”“Is to be citizens in re-establishing peace in Europe in the spirit of the Ventotene Manifesto and to commit to sustainable development in the light of our Constitution and of Universal Declaration of Human Rights”.

Excited Anna Paola Tantucci, president dand EIP Italia Ecole Instrument of Peace, comments on the results obtained by the students of 140 schools in Rome andi all Italian regions, who participated in the competition “Civis Sum” arrived at the 49th edition in the year of the pandemic:30 awarded institutions for the creative works presented in the sections young poetry, school newspapers, art, theater, memories of memory, sport and peace, safety at school, road safety.

Yesterday morning the awards ceremony in the university hall LUMSA a Roma in Borgo Sant’Angelo 13. Ribbon cutting with the greeting of the undersecretary of the Ministry of Education Barbara Floridia committed to the plan “School re-generation“For sustainable development in accordance with the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

The themes of school safety have aroused great interest in young people. Two projects have earned the national scholarship funded by the family of Luigi Petacciato one of the 27 dead children in San Giuliano di Puglia due to the collapse of the school ceiling, which is the 15th anniversary of October 31st.

Equally interesting are the projects and proposals that have won the scholarships named by the mother a Valerio Castiello, a young Neapolitan killed by a hijacker. The third edition of Jean Piaget Award for School, named after one of the founders of EIP international, intends to enhance the great commitment that the role of Headmaster requires, particularly in this historic pandemic moment for 2021 is attributed to the teacher Silvia Cuzzoli, head teacher of theComprehensive Institute “Fontanile Anagnino” of Rome, “For the ability to combine design dynamism and operational creativity in the spirit of the humanistic leadership and the values ​​of EIP Italia”.

The prize “Phidias for the arts” and the Prize “Enrico Bertolini for Music”Offered scholarships to creative young people and their teachers.

The “Guido Graziani” Itinerant National Trophy went to the Comprehensive Institute this year “Kennedy” di Cusano Mutri (Benevento) “for a project for the culture of peace and the environment that involved the school and the territory”.

The International Prize “Jacques Muhlethaler for school“Went to the Comprehensive Instituteo “Annalena Tonelli”In Forlì, dedicated to a lay missionary killed in Somalia, for two splendid dossiers that enchanted the jury. The children of the “Emanuela Loi” Primary School made a video on article 32 of the Constitution, that of the right to health, with a series of drawings on Covid-19 represented as a monster to be demystified with irony.

In addition, awards went to personalities from the world of culture and information for their commitment to the education of young people. To the teacher Francesco Bonini, magnificent rector of LUMSA University of Rome, went on EIP Award Article 33 “For the commitment to guarantee the constitutional right to university education of young people in times of pandemic”.

A Giovanni Vinciguerra, director of the historic magazine “TUTTOSCUOLA”, the Jacques Mühlethaler International Prize for Peace and Human Rights 2021, named after the publisher of children’s books and founder of the EIP of Geneva, “for the civil passion and the ethical sense in forming a school at the service of humanity through free information”.

“This initiative was born from the enthusiasm and participation of many different realities but united by a single goal, that of creating a project of great educational and social value,” Civis Sum “precisely, through the Periodic Table of the Constitution” concludes Anna Paola Tantucci, president of EIP Italia School as an instrument of peace.

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