Rome, the odyssey of the squat: seals of the prosecutor. The elder: “I’m out again”

Rome, the odyssey of the squat: seals of the prosecutor. The elder: “I’m out again”
Rome, the odyssey of the squat: seals of the prosecutor. The elder: “I’m out again”

Walk up and down the street for two days to relieve heart stress. But also to remove thoughts from the ups and downs of the last days. “Excuse me, lawyer, why did they make me go back to my house and then send me away?” He asks himself. He is incredulous Ennio Di Lalla, the 86-year-old from the neighborhood Don bosco that over three weeks ago, returning to his apartment after medical examinations, he found the lock on the door changed by a stranger and a name not his own on the intercom. His odyssey, in fact, has not yet ended. On Saturday morning, when the squatter was evicted from the house, he thought that everything was solved. He returned to the apartment, for a whisker he did not pass out when he saw it completely turned upside down and perhaps looted, but he also thought he had finally managed to return. But no. The carabinieri, after taking him for a walk around his home, took him back out and, as ordered by the magistrates, placed the seals on the front door.

Rome, the home of the pensioner “evicted” from an illegal squatting is freed: “Nightmare over, but now everything is devastated here”

Last act: the signing of some paperwork almost incomprehensible to him. Having been evicted from his apartment, Mr. Ennio has now been appointed caretaker. With a peculiarity: he was appointed manager of the property placed under seizure, that is his home, without however the possibility of returning to it. To return to the house, in fact, he will have to wait for a further judicial release. The magistrate who had asked for the eviction and seizure of the apartment will have to authorize it. Yesterday the retiree’s lawyer, Alessandro Olivieri, formalized the request and hopes to have an answer in a short time. Probably a couple of days. Meanwhile, Ennio thinks and walks. He hopes to find at home the collection of gold lighters and the paintings of Domenico Purificato, the master of Roman neorealism and friend of the family, but also the holy cards that his mother brought back from the pilgrimages and the books, an exaggerated quantity of books, including those by Pasolini, his favorite author. «It took this story of mine to know that the lawyer who helped me, Olivieri, was also the lawyer of Pino La Rana, Pasolini’s killer, who is now also dead. I have read everything about that story », the elder said. Ennio, however, does not lose heart. And fearing pitfalls of all kinds, he only unleashes himself with a few people. “If the lawyer has told me that I have to be calm, I will calm down. Evidently this other procedure was also needed to get the house back. I’ve waited a long time, I’ll wait a few more days. I surrender to the mechanisms of justice ».

In reality, the retiree does not realize that he has been almost privileged. Having been occupied in his case a privately owned house and not a public housing of an institution that has remained empty, a case that has sparked the bewilderment of all Italians and a great media hype – the times of justice, notoriously longer, seem to have suffered a ‘acceleration. So, if there are no further hitches or quibbles, Mr. Ennio should return to his home by tomorrow. A house which enjoys usufruct after having sold its bare ownership years ago. “I have the right to live here until I die. And so it will be », he clarifies. The judicial nuance that led to the postponement of the decision is quite simple. The prosecutor asked the investigating judge to vacate and seize the apartment for restitution to the entitled person. The judge for the preliminary investigations, on the other hand, only authorized the eviction and the seizure, referring the question of restitution to the other magistrate. So to get Mr. Ennio back home there is only one last judicial step.


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