Parades no green pass, the dribbling strategy to paralyze Milan. “Police? He can’t do anything about it »-

Parades no green pass, the dribbling strategy to paralyze Milan. “Police? He can’t do anything about it »-
Parades no green pass, the dribbling strategy to paralyze Milan. “Police? He can’t do anything about it »-

The No pass strategy is now clear. Block everything, paralyze the city, mock the work of the police with a continuous game to sow chaos by dribbling the blocks of armored vehicles along the way. Flaunting the sense of impunity of those who know that the police and carabinieri will not charge the demonstrators.

The numbers of the event

Yesterday there were at least four thousand, a lower number than the other events, but that must not be deceived. Because immediately the spirits are very hot with the shoving attack on a Fanpage journalist and the operator already at 16.30 in Piazza Fontana. With replica in the final. The rest of the Saturday enism of uncontrolled and uncontrollable protest. With police and carabinieri trying to manage the procession as much as possible, directing it along the route imposed on Friday by the commissioner Giuseppe Petronzi. The attempt was in vain because in largo Crocetta a piece, which became more and more numerous, veers into Corso di Porta Vigentina and from there paralyzes the ring road. The police cordon that prevents you from continuing towards the Navigli is bypassed by passing in via Luigi Anelli. The reinforcements block the procession again, which at that point regroups on viale Bligny, where the demonstrators, blocking cars and public transport, return to Porta Romana. Right next to Bocconi University, some motorists who are exasperated by the No pass are attacked: they are pushed and kicked. A militant caught dirtying some police vehicles was stopped and taken to the police station.

The messy flow

The serpentone, always outside the route imposed by the police, arrives from viale Monte Nero up to a heavily armored piazza Cinque Giornate. From there it seems to continue towards Corso XXII Marzo and the ring road but in Largo Marinai d’Italia, a thousand demonstrators resume with the excesses. The No passes are thrown into via Spartaco between the cars, when they see the police cordons they turn quickly but this time they are the ones who end up like the mouse: closed in via Sciesa on four sides by the armored vehicles they must surrender: they exit only after being identified . Someone calls 112 complaining of non-existent illness, others to report alleged kidnappings. The final balance of 60 identified people, ten taken to the police station and for two of them as many sheets of away from Milan for a year.

The budget

But even this, for the Milanese No Pass movement, a triumphal Saturday: city blocked, the requirements of the commissioner not respected and that sense of impunity thanks to which for months the demonstrators have made themselves strong of continuous blackmail and tests of strength with the institutions. Not that the answers have been lacking. Far from it: over 300 reported, several arrested and some already sentenced. In addition to urban Daspo and street sheets.

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Milan, the 16th no green pass parade: the photos
The anti-terrorism investigations

The investigations by Digos and carabinieri, coordinated by the head of the Antiterrorism pool Alberto Nobili, have not so far weakened the movement. Just think of the words of one of the self-proclaimed leaders, repeatedly denounced and dasped by the center of Milan, who yesterday in the procession screamed at her in the face against a Mediaset journalist: I’m not afraid, they have already denounced me you don’t know how many times. I don’t care about Daspo. They can’t do anything about it. The feeling for many Milanese that in front of the No pass the institutions are using the soft hand allowing the troublemakers to block the city every Saturday. A sentiment repeatedly relaunched by the mayor Beppe Sala, which is why he ended up in the sights of the No vax and under the supervision of the prefecture.

Damage mitigation

The line of via Fatebenefratelli and corso Monforte for clear and is based on a basic principle: damage mitigation. One thing is the inconvenience to traffic and those to shopping (yesterday very low compared to the routes of the past), another to have to deal with charges and scuffles. Forceful actions that could trigger an even more violent response from the demonstrators. Also present yesterday about fifty anarchists and, in the procession, also the former irreducible brigatista Paolo Maurizio Ferrari. On the other hand, the former leader of Forza Nuova Marco Mantovani was absent.

The police unions

Unfortunately, the level of tension and provocation on the occasion of no green pass demonstrations continues to be instrumentally fueled by subjects whose purposes seem to go far beyond contesting the government’s measures, the denunciation of the spokesman of the National Association of Police Officers, Girolamo Lacquaniti. In recent days, Senator No vax, former 5-star and already candidate for the municipal in Milan, Gianluigi Paragone had harshly attacked via social media and on TV the management of the commissioner Petronzi accusing him of using illegitimate measures to extinguish the protest and complaining of being monitored by the police . Words condemned by the association of officials: We must stigmatize the statements of those who continue to threaten the use of violence making provocation and insults to the police into a political manifesto that we believe violates the rules of a state of law.

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