Alessandro Zan: “I suffered from bullying and the thought of my father”

The deputy of the PD Alessandro Zan it is told without filters a “Very true”, in an interview that shows an unprecedented side of the activist. Zan begins by retracing his adolescence, a delicate period in which he became aware of his own sexual orientation: “I knew fear when I realized, during my adolescence, that homosexuality was not an option in the society I lived in. I understood that this was not an accepted aspect both in the family and at school: my classmates made homophobic jokes and I had to hide”.

Zan then retraces one of the most suffered moments of his life, namely the coming out with family: “My mother welcomed me and was very close to me. With my father, however, it was a tragedy ” – he told -. He grew up in a particularly traditional family, marked by a difficult childhood and raised in a cultural context where homosexuality was considered a disease. When I told him we didn’t talk to each other for months. “

“I passed gods difficult times – says Zan – I decided to leave home but it was a necessary choice then united us again. In fact, after an initial angry reaction, my father started his path that led him to accept me. In the end, he tried to make up for it and showed me all his support, he was also involved in my electoral campaign ”.

A Silvia Toffanin who asks him how he lives love today, Zan he replies: “I don’t have a partner, but the hope of falling in love and living with someone is always there”.


Alessandro Zan suffered bullying thought father

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