50 new hires in 2021

CATANZARO First acts of the new governor Roberto Occhiuto at the helm of the Region, With a decree adopted yesterday, the new president has redetermined the organic plant of the institution approving the three-year schedule of personnel needs and the hiring plan 2021. The provision stems from the consideration – reads the decree – “that, although the end of the year is approaching, the Entity is not yet equipped with the 2021 recruitment plan, as well as the three-year plan of staff needs 2021/2013”, hence the redetermination of the recruitment capacity of the Region. In summary, the decree provides for the filling 50 vacancies for 2021 with an expenditure of over 2.1 million: positions will be filled by hiring, within the limits of the reserve quota, of the protected categories, in the number of 31 units such as resulting from the prospectus prepared by the IT system of the Ministry of Labor; the transformation, pursuant to law no. 244/2007, art. 3, paragraph 101, of the subordinate employment contracts, originally set up on a part-time basis, of the 5 units of socially useful workers and 5 units of public utility workers, on a full-time basis, to be considered new hires; the temporary special recruitment of personnel, pursuant to art. 20, paragraph 1, of Legislative Decree 75/2017, in service with a flexible employment contract (1 unit); hiring with subordinate and fixed-term employment contracts of managerial staff, pursuant to Legislative Decree 165/2001 (7 units). From the documents attached to the decree of Governor Occhiuto it is also clear that as at 30 October 2021 the total number of staff in service in the Region is 1,787 units, vacant posts are 976, the recalculated staffing is 2,534 units for a total expenditure of 86. , 6 million, 190 places are planned for the three-year period 2021-23.



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