Attempted bank robbery, gunmen take the director hostage and tie up the employees

Attempted bank robbery, gunmen take the director hostage and tie up the employees
Attempted bank robbery, gunmen take the director hostage and tie up the employees

The two men who attempted the shot in the bank in Via Pico della Mirandola in Rome were immediately arrested by a joint police and carabinieri operation. Immediately after entering the institute, in fact, the alarm went off at the operations center and they were unable to carry out the blow.

Attempted robbery yesterday in Rome, in one bank in via Pico della Mirandola. Two men aged 45 and 53 entered the institute masked in wigs, gloves, sunglasses and guns, kidnapped the director and tied the employees with plastic bands to keep them from moving. The two wanted to take the bank money and escape. They thought they could do it, but the alarm went off from the bank’s supervisory institution, which reached the operations center of the carabinieri of Rome Eur, whose patrols immediately intervened at the branch. The military entered the bank blocking one of the two robbers, who was misrepresented with a wig and sunglasses. In his hand he had a Beretta caliber 380, with a shot in the barrel: when he heard the sirens, realized that the robbery would not be completed, he decided to escape, but was blocked by the military.

At that point the agents of the Mobile squad of the Rome Police Headquarters, notified by the Operations Room. The policemen entered the bank, where the other robber was still present and immobilized him. After that they have freed employees which had been immobilized with plastic ties. The man was misrepresented with sunglasses and a hat, and he too had a gun, but a toy: however, he had removed the red cap, so as to make it look real and scare people.

Several objects seized: the gun Beretta model 34 caliber 380 with abraded serial number, 6 380 caliber bullets, a magazine, a wig, a pair of glasses, a pair of black leather gloves, a mobile phone complete with a sim card for the 50-year-old and a toy gun without a red cap brand “Bruni” “, a magazine, 5 blanks, a wool hat, a pair of sunglasses and 11 plastic cable ties for an electrician charged to the 53-year-old. The bike they had arrived on turned out stolen. Both were arrested and taken to the Velletri prison: they are accused of attempted robbery in competition, receiving stolen goods, kidnapping and illegal carrying of a firearm with abraded registration number.


Attempted bank robbery gunmen director hostage tie employees

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