Drugs in Gemonese schools, maxi control operation

Drug checks yesterday morning between the schools of Gemona. Almost 1500 pupils interested. The operation of the local police agents, carried out with the dogs of the canine unit of the Veneto Est local police district and together with the colleagues of the Mountain Community of Carnia, led to the complaint of two minors for possession of drugs for use. The initiative, strongly desired by school managers in agreement with the municipal administration and with the local health company, was created to respond to some complaints from citizens who reported, in particular in some city areas such as the Parco del Drago, episodes of urban decay. Precisely during these last control activities, three minors were reported for violation of article 75 of the single text aimed at combating narcotic substances and a third person, an adult, was reported for detention, aimed at the sale of about 120 benzodiazepine tablets.


Drugs Gemonese schools maxi control operation

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