Buy insurance online, pay 600 euros but it’s fake

GAVORRANO – He had spent 600 euros to insure his SUV. A good price he had found online. Too bad the insurance was fake. The traffic police of Orbetello, during the checks for the Ognissanti bridge in the Orbetello area, stopped an SUV with two boys on board.

The car was uninsured. The driver was amazed by the dispute: he had made the insurance, online., Also spending 600 euros, as he pointed out by showing what he believed was a real policy, accompanied by the receipt of the premium payment.

The policemen have deepened the investigations with the unsuspecting insurance company, confirming what was already known: the boy, who had purchased the policy online, had been the victim of a scam.

Those of false policies sold online are, unfortunately, a worryingly expanding phenomenon, in front of which it is necessary to follow two simple precautions to avoid running into them: check the reliability of the sites that sell policies through the IVASS web page and, once purchased, verify, also through special apps that can be downloaded free of charge, that you are actually covered.

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