Health, 200 million euros in Covid funds lost by Calabria for a wrong question

Health, 200 million euros in Covid funds lost by Calabria for a wrong question
Health, 200 million euros in Covid funds lost by Calabria for a wrong question

A wrong question, an underpowered demand and 200 million that go away like that, towards other shores, resources that were available and simply were not requested. A stylet between the lines, with the smile pulled behind the mask to tell the umpteenth missed opportunity, that of Covid funds that the previous management did not request: the president Roberto Occhiuto, at the first public release on the occasion of the Supervisory Committee of the Por Calabria (in which he spoke at length about the opportunities of the new programming and the resources not to be missed) makes public one of those events that is unbelievable.

Indeed, in the region where ambulances were parked in line in front of hospitals during the Covid emergency, where there was a lack of resources to do tracking in a precise and timely manner, € 200 million in health care was lost due to a wrong application, or at least poorly formulated.

Occhiuto’s lunge: “Discovery made by chance in the State-Regions Conference”

Speaking with journalists, the president himself broke the news: “A few days ago I participated in the State Regions conference – explains the now former leader of Forza Italia at the Chamber of Deputies – and I found that there was a fund available to the regions to face the Covid emergency: it was possible to request 130 euros for each citizen of your region. There were those who asked for more, like Emilia Romagna which even asked for 170 euros to citizen. Do you know how many Calabria has asked for? 46. Only in this way we have lost 200 million, you understand that then it becomes difficult to work ».

Spirlì and Longo are the main suspects

The jab comes precisely to the previous managements, even if it is difficult to attribute: also because, when asked about the responsibilities of this choice, the answer does not arrive, and doubt remains in the air. The suspects are the two who have had, in the previous months, the management of the emergency: Acting President Nino Spirlì, always present in the State Regions conferences, and Longo’s commissioner structure. Both, in any case, are on the exit ramp from the Versailles of Germaneto: Spirlì has filled the boxes for some time with a lot of social report, and his appointment as vice president much promoted in the Lega-Forza Italia ticket, now seems light years away from the security manifested on several occasions in the electoral campaign. Commissioner Longo, on the other hand, is on the way out: just this afternoon the handover will take place with President Occhiuto, appointed extraordinary commissioner by the Council of Ministers.

Meanwhile, regardless of responsibilities, the objective fact remains: in a region where Calabrians die because ambulances arrive late or even without doctors on board, losing 200 million euros is an unforgivable fault.

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