Prime Minister, Baratta retires. Everything to be redone –

As we read yesterday’s city council in Sora. The majority did not elect the President of the Chamber. Is it a defeat or a tactic? What did they say. And what will happen now

Paradoxes of politics. The majority of the mayor of Sora Luca Di Stefano has the numbers to elect the President of the City Council but does not elect him. Not even in the third vote: the former deputy mayor Fausto Baratta thanks for the nomination made by the majority but does not agree to hold the office. And he invites those same councilors who proposed him not to vote for it. They go further: they even vote against it.

And now the joust begins again: another civic meeting will be called and another name will have to be presented five days before. In practice, work is being done on the election of Linen Caschera but in this way the mayor will have more time to try to compact his fledgling majority. Which split right on the name of Caschera. (Read here A chair for two: but not for Caschera; and then here Cerqua or Baratta? The Prime Minister will be Caschera).


Linen Caschera

It was the senior city councilor Linen Caschera, shortly after 4 pm on Thursday 4 November, to officially open the works of the first municipal council of the Di Stefano administration.

He did so after the city clerk explained the procedure according to which, directing the work in the classroom it would be up to the most voted councilor until the election of the new president.

The former maintenance delegate and leader of the Lega in Sora immediately entered the part: the Assembly unanimously analyzed and voted on the conditions of eligibility of the mayor and the other members.


The municipal secretary made him wear the tricolor sash. Then an excited Luca Di Stefano put his right hand on a big red book that the municipal secretary gave him explaining that it was the Constitution of the Italian Republic and he swore allegiance to it by pronouncing the customary phrase: “I Luca Di Stefano swear to be faithful to the Italian Republic, to faithfully observe the Italian Constitution, the laws of the State and to fulfill all my duties in the collective interest

Then he made a brief speech with which he thanked his family, present in the classroom, the other candidates for mayor and the former mayor Robert De Donatis. So he said that “today begins a new phase, the administrative phase in which we want to be open to everyone, especially to opposition with whom I hope to have a collaborative relationship on the important issues of the city“. He called for a constructive attitude “as I have done for the past five years and have been rewarded”.

Then he explained that “since the next day we started to work“To achieve the five points promised in the first hundred days:”We started with Sora clean city and at Christmas there will be important events that were missing”.


Manuela Cerqua, Eugenia and Valter Tersigni. In the second row Federico Altobelli and Salvatore Meglio

The Civic Assembly took little to reach the third point, the most awaited one of the day because it concerned the election of the Prime Minister.

Not even the majority meeting that was held on Wednesday has resulted in an immediate solution. Already in the late evening, in fact, rumors were circulating and then confirmed by the events, according to which Baratta would have withdrawn his availability and most would have earned another ten days.

And so it was. Because the problem is that some members of the Administration do not agree with the concession of the presidency to the minority but above all they do not share the name of Lino Caschera.

And then there is the No of the minority: if you want to grant the opposition the presidency, the name certainly cannot come from the majority. And the minority chose Manuela Cerqua with the signatures of Eugenia e Valter Tersigni, the one of Federico Altobelli and that of the same Cerqua. But without involving Lino Caschera and Salvatore Meglio. It was really best to point this out in the courtroom. “You say you want to give the presidency to the minority but you want to choose the name“Instead they blurted out from the opposition benches.


Fausto Baratta

I thank those who proposed me as president of the Assizes, it would be an honor. But throughout the election campaign I said that my candidacy would only serve as an intermediary a generational shift. I think it is The time has come for young people to take control of the fate of this city; therefore, I thank the directors who proposed me, they were affectionate but, for the consistency that has distinguished me for years, I invite this City Council not to express a preference for my person”.

These are the words with which the former deputy mayor of Roberto De Donatis re-elected councilor with Luca Di Stefano he rejected to the sender one of the two proposals that had been delivered five days earlier in the hands of the senior councilor, as per regulation.

The proposal in favor of Baratta bore the signature of the directors Alessandro Mosticone, Francesco Montrona, Roberto Mollicone e Francesca Di Vito.


Eugenia Tersigni

A statement, that of Fausto Baratta, which provoked a harsh reaction from the opposition.

To pass immediately to attack it was Valter and Eugenia Tersigni who want to know why propose the candidacy of a person who is not willing to accept it.

The former candidate for mayor Eugenia Tersigni, after referring to the will of the mayor Luca di Stefano to make an opening to the minority by granting the presidency of the Council explains that the proposal of the opposition fall on the name of Manuela Cerqua has collected “important signatures, including those of two candidates for mayor”Representing thousands of citizens. Adding that he does not want to believe “to the rumors about electoral bills“And asks”to the whole assembly to trust Manuela Cerqua who, as Councilor Baratta said, is young and represents that new era carried forward throughout the electoral campaign ”.

He is the most experienced and experienced minority adviser Valter Tersigni a press the majority about the withdrawal of the candidacy for the presidency by Fausto Baratta. “I reconnect at statements made by Baratta. He renounces this candidacy because he believes that it is not in line with what has been said about having to give space to young people. I understand your statements but not the request of the four councilors that in the electoral campaign have heralded the open to young people and then they propose Baratta. I would like to understand their interest in wanting to propose Baratta “. Obviously no one answered.


The vote of the President

It is always Lino Caschera who puts the two proposals for the presidency, that of Baratta and that of Manuela Cerqua, for examination in the classroom. The senior counselor explains the procedure which, in compliance with the regulation provides for the open vote by show of hands, if necessary repeated three times: the first two with a qualified majority, the third with an absolute majority.

Ed this is where the strategies begin. Meanwhile Valter Tersigni asks to put the proposals to the vote in order of arrival, so first it’s up to Manuela Cerqua. Lino Caschera is seated at the presidential desk. On the benches of the opposition there are the direct interested party together with Valter and Eugenia Tersigni and the councilor already candidate for mayor of the center-right, Federico Altobelli. The four of them vote in favor, the eleven of the opposition vote against. Caschera and Salvatore Meglio abstain.

The scene is also repeated for the second and third voting. Some careful political observers point out that the two – Caschera and Meglio – are probably preparing the ground for the next session.

But the climax is reached when the Baratta proposal is voted on. The opposition abstains and this too is read as a sign of openness or at least not wanting to get involved in the problems of the newly formed government. While the same majority not only take Baratta’s appeal literally but, for not knowing how to read or write, even vote against it.


The opposition vote

The election of the President and Vice President of the Council has been skipped. But the matter could not be resolved with an interruption followed by a conference of the group leaders. It will have to be postponed to the next useful City Council.

Meanwhile, Caschera will convene the conference of group leaders. E after the convocation of the assembly it will be necessary to present the candidates again within the fifth free day preceding the assembly.

At the end, the aim was precisely to buy time to pass the name of Caschera. And it has been achieved. Even if the political price to pay was politically high for the majority that already showed some cracks.

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