Crotone, 88 migrants saved in front of Isola di Capo Rizzuto. Agent Crupi: «Great emotion to bring the children to safety» – The videos

Eighty-eight migrants were rescued in the night between Wednesday and last Thursday, after being stranded 150 meters from the coast of Crotone, in front of Isola di Capo Rizzuto. The stormy sea and adverse weather conditions would have seriously endangered the safety of the people on board, including several children, after a long crossing from Turkey. The screams coming from the boat in difficulty, however, caught the attention of the residents of Capo Rizzuto, who requested the intervention of the rescue teams. The rescuers entered the water by creating an aid consortium between the boat and the shore, proceeding with the rescue operations.

Among them was also the police inspector Luigi Crupi, head of the flying squads of Crotone, who after rescuing a little girl said: “I will never forget how that little girl clung to me, I am two of the same age and I felt the same hug, of a little girl who feels close to her father that nothing bad can happen to him: it was a great emotion to bring her to safety ».

All the people on board were rescued, refreshed, subjected to health screening and subsequently identified. On the boat there were five Iranians (including a woman and a man with disabilities), seven Afghans (including a woman and two minors), 44 Syrians (including seven women and eight minors), one Yemeni, 15 Palestinians ( including a minor), a Turk and two unaccompanied Egyptian minors. At the end of the identification procedures, all the migrants were accompanied to the reception pavilions of the Regional Hub.

Cover photo: State Police
Video: State Police

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Crotone migrants saved front Isola Capo Rizzuto Agent Crupi Great emotion bring children safety videos

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