anesthetist on trial for murder

anesthetist on trial for murder
anesthetist on trial for murder

The Gup of the court of Cassino (Frosinone) Alessandra Casinelli, has indicted DV, 62, anesthetist at the “La Casa del Sole” clinic in Formia who intervened during the rhinoplasty operation after which, in June 2019, he lost his life Mariachiara Mete, 21 years old from Lamezia. The specialist, it is written in a note, will have to answer for the charge of manslaughter. This was announced by the press office of Giesse Compensation for Damages.

The doctor is accused “For having caused the death of the 21-year-old through fault, in particular because – it is written in the request for referral to the prosecutor Alfredo Mattei accepted by the Gup – for fault consisting of negligence and inexperience, on the occasion of the cardiocirculatory arrest which arose during the intervention surgical administration initially administered to the patient atropine and ephedrine instead of adrenaline, then infused at a later time, and omitted to perform an immediate external cardiac massage at a frequency of 100/120 per minute, practicing it only in a second phase at the rate of 80 / 90 per minute, so that he did not comply with the prescribed guidelines for resuscitation and thus caused a delay in the restoration of cardiac activity, detected only three minutes after the start of resuscitation maneuvers, as well as in cerebral perfusion, with consequent aggravation of neurological damage post-anoxic, and due to the effect with the negligent conduct described above concurred to cause the death of Mar iachiara Mete ».

The hearing before the single judge Martina di Fonzo has been set for May 25th 2022. The victim’s family members also presented an opposition to the request for dismissal of the Public Prosecutor’s Office for another of the health professionals involved, a request that will be discussed in the council chamber on 22 February, and have also decided to directly undertake an autonomous civil action, with the first hearing of the trial already scheduled for next January. “Since that tragic day we have been convinced that something has not been done correctly, we only ask to be able to know the truth – is the comment of the young woman’s family -. If someone has made a mistake, it is only right that justice be done, even if Mariachiara, unfortunately, no one will ever bring it back to us ».

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anesthetist trial murder

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