“Naples is a joyful city. I tell you what the difference is with Rome and Milan”

The coach of the Naples, Luciano Spalletti, spoke during the “Casa Corriere” Festival organized by Corriere del Mezzogiorno. Many topics covered by the Neapolitan technician, including the differences between the cities of Milan, Rome and Naples, or the cities where Spalletti had his last experiences as a coach. Here is what is highlighted:

“Initially I said that I have completed the tour of the soul because after Rome and Milan I am now in Naples, which is somewhat similar to the capital, but I I produce the pressure myself because I need it to make the most of it. I inject myself that poison which then helps me to have more when others inject it, so I don’t get into trouble.

PHOTO: Getty – Spalletti Naples

Rome and Naples burn you even if you are not ready for the love and passion of the city. Milan compared to this two is a little more moderate, but relentlessly watches over professionalism. More indirectly, the weight of the importance of the club, of the love of the fans, you perceive equally. Naples is a joyful city, they tell you everything right away. I don’t lead a worldly life, I always stay in Castel Volturno, I often prepare things for the next day. Every now and then I go out for dinner, because in Naples you eat well.

Mozzarella cheese? I like it a lot, often they have to stop me because I don’t know how to contain myself. In the morning there are many people on the ring road, with mopeds coming from all over, you don’t know where the slap can get you. But you feel this ingredient of wanting to be intense in everything you do, of wanting to help in everything, wanting to stay close to the team “.

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