how much it costs and how to get it

how much it costs and how to get it
how much it costs and how to get it

It Spid di Poste it becomes to pay. Service landmark for citizens it will no longer be free, just as it becomes increasingly indispensable for the various services of the public administration. For the past two years the Spid had been literally monopolized of the telecommunications company, which offered it to everyone with several passes, but no charge. Now you will have to pay 12 euros to proceed with the recognition in person and obtain the credentials. A good business, in short.

Spid for a fee, the “turning point” of Poste

The public digital identity system to interact with the public administration will continue to be obtained in one of the 12,700 Italian Post Offices, but it will be necessary to book and then pay on site. However, non-attendance recognition using the company’s app will continue to be free with identity card (Cie) or electronic passport, via audio or video. Poste also offers alternative activation methods for customers of Bancoposta and Postepay.

Municipality of Rome, from November 15th online certificates. But it can only be accessed with the Spid

The latter are sms on certified phone linked to a Bancoposta or Postepay product, through a Bancoposta reader and Postamat card or through a transfer from a current account in the name of the person in question.

The other ways to get the Spid

To get hold of the Spid you just need a valid Italian document, a health card, an e-mail address and a mobile number. Then you have to choose the digital identity manager to rely on and be recognized: in person, via webcam, with the Cie and the National Service Charter, or by using the new audio-video method that allows you to do without an external operator. Almost all services, which are found who, you have to pay for: Aruba, Tim, SpidItalia, Sielte, Lepida, Namirial. Intesa and InfoCert they provide instead for free both remote and face-to-face recognition.

Half of the citizens without SPID or CIE, more difficult access to PA services

In all, approximately 26 million digital identities distributed, with an increase of 61.5% since the beginning of 2021.

Spid, the record numbers of Poste in the last two years

“We are a over 20 million citizens who asked us to have their own digital identity, that is 83% of the total“. This was said in a hearing at the Parliamentary Commission for Simplification on 28 October last Laura Furlan, responsible for the business market and Pa di Job Italian. «In these two years – he explained in Furlan – we have seen many small businesses and citizens concretely approach digital. We have worked in this area on e-commerce issues, on the payments and deliveries front»

“Based on last year’s numbers – he added – we handled approximately 400 million transactions e-commerce, many of new citizens who have learned to buy online; on the other hand, parcel and e-commerce deliveries have reached one million packages delivered daily, certainly by large operators but increasingly also by small businesses. Today on the world of e-commerce towards citizens we manage the 36% of transactions, therefore we observe an important expansion of those who find themselves having to interact in this way for the first time ».

Spid, Cie or Cns instead of the pin to access the PA’s online services: here’s how to ask for them

“The progressive digitization and opening up to the world of e-commerce – he concluded – were trends already underway before the lockdowns, but theockdown further advanced speed and we have recorded on our own channels some interactions that have strongly shifted to the digital front ».


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