Towards another Saturday of chaos in Milan, the accusation from the police station: “The No Green passes are only looking for a clash.” No agreement on the march

The dialogue between the Milan Police Headquarters and the promoters of the No Green pass event – which has reached its sixteenth consecutive appointment – is over. Tomorrow, November 6, they will take to the streets without having reached an agreement and for this, once again, there is a risk of chaos. The Police Headquarters speaks of “questionable declarations” by the promoters of the demonstration who used tones “not in line with a correct dialogue with the institutions”. The authorities, in fact, had tried in every way to meet their needs, maintaining both the passage near some points indicated by the demonstrators and the transit through the central Piazza Duomo. On the one hand they wanted to give “adequate visibility” to the protest, on the other they wanted to safeguard the sensitive objectives “by mitigating the heavy inconveniences that, for 15 consecutive Saturdays, afflicted Milanese citizens and traders”. “Discomforts that have also caused numerous positions taken by bodies, associations and institutions”, explain the policemen.

The route of the parade in Milan on 6 November

According to the Police Headquarters, in fact, the No Green pass demonstrators had no intention of finding, mediating with the police, a path that would suit everyone. Their goal was only to get to the fight. In fact, there is talk of demonstrators who have “shown a greater interest in opposition as an end in itself than the search for a hypothesis aimed at guaranteeing the right to demonstrate”. For this reason, the impossibility of reaching a shared path prompted the Milan Police Headquarters to issue a statute of limitations. What does it foresee? Concentration in Piazza Fontana and then a procession, from 5 pm to 9 pm, from Piazza Duomo – passing through via Mazzini, piazza Missori, corso di Porta Romana, viale Caldara, viale Regina Margherita, piazza V Giornate, viale Bianca Maria, corso XXII Marzo, viale Piceno, via dei Mille, viale Abruzzi, piazzale Loreto and corso Buenos Aires – as far as piazza Oberdan, “where the event must end”.


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