Balneari, the call of the EU: “Italy quickly conforms to European law”. The League claims the removal of the competition bill and attacks: “Less lessons from Brussels”

Balneari, the call of the EU: “Italy quickly conforms to European law”. The League claims the removal of the competition bill and attacks: “Less lessons from Brussels”
Balneari, the call of the EU: “Italy quickly conforms to European law”. The League claims the removal of the competition bill and attacks: “Less lessons from Brussels”

The day after the council of ministers which launched a competition bill “halved”, in which the knot of concessions bathing extended until 2033 in violation of the Bolkestein directive, Brussels makes itself heard. A spokesperson for the European Commission explained that “it is an Italian prerogative to decide how to proceed with the reform”, but for the EU it is “important that the Italian authorities quickly implement compliance their legislation, and their practices relating to the attributions of bathing concessions, with the European law and the jurisprudence of the Court of Justice“. An unavoidable recall, considering that the Italian system has been in the crosshairs since 2009, that in 2016 Italy was condemned for non-compliance with EU regulations and that two years later, instead of remedying, the government count 1 has further extended the authorizations in force until 2033. Not only that: last April the topic was among those that delayed the official presentation of the Recovery plan. Because in the plan the beaches are never mentioned. To resolve theimpasse the intervention of Mario Draghi in person, who acted as guarantor with the President of the Commission Ursula von der Leyen.

The same premier in June, when he met von der Leyen a Cinecittà during the ceremony for the approval of the EU to the plan, he then guaranteed that the law on competition – one of the “enabling reforms“, In which the solution on the bathing establishments should also have been included – it would have been presented in July. Instead, between the tiring summer development of the reform Cartabia and the October administrative elections, the measure was postponed for four months. And not to upset the League disturbing the balance of the majority, it was decided to postpone the decisions on the beaches until after the development of a “Information system” which will have to ensure transparency on concessionary relationships and related royalties paid. Which are for the vast majority derisory (in 70% of cases less than 2,500 euros per year) especially if compared with takings of managers. Draghi claimed it, arguing that it is better to proceed in this way rather than promising ambitious measures impossible to implement in the absence of the necessary political consensus.

But what will the times be? Six months for the adoption of the legislative decree that will have to create the system. Then you will need to fill it in with the data. It is easy to predict that next summer on the Italian coasts will pass quietly, without anything changing. The bathing associations already yesterday celebrated the result achieved and the League claims to have brought it home: “It is an act of common sense that the League has worked with dedication and listening of the productive categories involved ”, the Northern League senators of the Labor commission put pen to paper. “Sorry to see someone lose precious time with a sterile and ideological controversy. The League has reiterated, and still will, that it is not with the blackmail o the impositions that are faced or an equitable solution is identified for the sector “.

As for the position taken by the EU, according to the Northern League “il nervousness that transpires from the buildings of Brussels does not help the relaxation of a complex matter, which our country has helped to regulate with the law 145 of 2018, the so-called “Law Hundred”And in whose wake we continue to operate. Now ahead with real support for the many production companies that are already planning next season, and that they deserve from Europe more closeness and fewer lessons“. The troops also join the chorus Maurizio Gasparri e Paolo Barelli, according to which the EU “continues to rage against our companies and Italian workers trying to impose a directive that has nothing to do with it with tourism businesses and itinerant trade “. Too bad that Italy has been again formal notice precisely because last July “it further extended the authorizations in force until the end of 2033 and has Local authorities are prohibited from initiating or pursuing public selection procedures for the assignment of concessions, which would otherwise have expired, violating EU law “.

Of pro Bolkestein rumors, it must be said, there are not many. Yesterday to remember the “untouchable privileges” of establishments such as “il Twiga of Briatore and Santanchè who pay 17 thousand euros to the state against a turnover of 4 million euros, or the Papeete which pays 10 thousand euros a year but has a turnover of 3.2 million euros ”was the co-spokesperson for Europa Verde Angelo Bonelli, while today the president of the EU Policy Commission in the Chamber Sergio Battelli (M5s) – who, however, in 2018 had claimed the need for a long transitional period before starting the races – recalled that “those who really care about citizens, beaches, dealers, their sacrifices and those of those who would like to invest in this sector and instead can not, it should be seriously worried and furious for yet another exemption so serious that it is now almost ridiculous ”.

Draghi, in announcing that the government was “reflecting” on how to deal with the issue, had also evoked the State Council, which on 20 October examined various issues related to the possibility for local authorities to disapply the extensions. But the pronouncement of the administrative justice body has not yet been made public. And now Brussels points out that the problem must be resolved quickly. After all, in February, a few days after Draghi took office in Palazzo Chigi, the EU commissioner for the single market Thierry breton had recalled that “the Italian regulations in force” on bathing concessions “not only violate EU law, but also compromise the legal certainty for seaside tourist services. The Commission, as guardian of the treaties, will continue to take the necessary measures to ensure full compliance with EU law in this sector ”.

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