Too much degradation: even the Macau antagonists forced to leave

Too much degradation: even the Macau antagonists forced to leave
Too much degradation: even the Macau antagonists forced to leave

After 9 years, the social center Macao that in Milan illegally occupied the spaces of the liberty buildings in viale Molise announced the cessation of the activity. An autonomous decision that does not come due to a will, which would have been sacrosanct, on the part of the Municipality to close but because they themselves have been victims of a system of degradation and disobedience that they have helped to fuel.

The announcement came via Facebook, with that victimization streak that has always distinguished the social centers. “Over the past six months, Macau has found itself dealing with a complex and delicate situation day and night; to organize resistance, often physical, amid discussions, fires, violence and new difficulties created by the pandemic; to support people in difficulty in finding a better home and living conditions; to defend the community that crosses the space of viale Molise 68“, they write in their post. In the manifesto announcing the withdrawal, they even claim to have operated in recent years”with the support of the city, social spaces and various associations that have helped us, in dialogue with the neighborhood with which we shared anger and concern“.

So, they add: “Yet, there is a limit that we do not intend to overcome, which is not part of our history or our language. We do not want to use our energies and our time to do differently from who we are“. At the end of the post they specify that theirs is a goodbye, and not a farewell, to that district of Milan.”The Macao social center, which for nine years has been illegally occupying and disfiguring the liberty buildings of viale Molise announces the end of its activities and we are delighted about this. Of course, we would have preferred a sacrosanct eviction not that they were actually hunted by illegal immigrants who found refuge in the nearby ex stock exchange slaughterhouse.“, he writes Silvia Sardone, municipal councilor of the Lega in Milan.

The short circuit that has been created in this quadrant of Milan is well explained by one of the latest events that took place inside Macao: “A few weeks ago the antagonists even called the police after a group of irregular immigrants broke into the social center with bars: a joke …“. This is one of the paradoxes that, perhaps, convinced the occupiers to leave, supporting de facto one of the great battles waged by the League in recent years:”In fact, Macau admits what we have been arguing for since time immemorial, namely that mass immigration as managed by the left is highly damaging. The failure of the Municipality of Milan is there for all to see: in viale Molise we need evictions and securing buildings to avoid new occupations“What Silvia Sardone now hopes is that in the face of this, the Municipality of Milan will admit bankruptcy and proceed to the evacuation of all the other illegal social centers in the city.


degradation Macau antagonists forced leave

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