the art on the terrace by Anna Di Fusco and Salvatore Giunta-

the art on the terrace by Anna Di Fusco and Salvatore Giunta-
the art on the terrace by Anna Di Fusco and Salvatore Giunta-

At the entrance to the building a sign: “All neighbors are welcome”. The pass for an art exhibition, hosted on the top floor of a building in the Celio district. A proven formula that has become even more successful with the pandemic. Word of mouth, masks, a terrace overlooking the Colosseum in San Giovanni to enjoy the works in the open air. And here’s the vernissage you don’t expect. Private and worldly at the same time, intimate but lively.

It happened for the exhibition by Anna Di Fusco and Salvatore Giunta in the artist’s Open Studio – the house-laboratory – overlooking a large panoramic terrace. AND Open is the name of the project, which made her pictorial works dialogue with the sculptures of Giunta per the sixth edition of Rome Art Week, sixth week of contemporary art.

«There is no bond between the two, who spontaneously played with their own languages ​​and the suggestions of the place. Open the spirit: contaminations, connections, openings towards the other and towards the unpredictable. An atmosphere from american dream pervades the most recent canvases by Anna Di Fusco, whose palette lights up with bright and iridescent colors. The crumpled texture of blue jeans, an imaginative map of the United States, clouds that seem to materialize from the printed pages of a comic strip and drips that evoke the texture of Pollock’s paintings. This unprecedented pop dress, softened by the constant grace of the gesture, reveals a lively and curious imaginary, nourished by a passion for travel and discovery »: this is the presentation by Flavia Rovetta, historian and curator of contemporary art. Which about Salvatore Giunta’s sculptures reflects how they crystallize «Precarious harmonies and impossible balances. Suspended and dissolved in the blue of the sky, they defend a fragile balance between ancient and contemporary. They mark the space with peremptory delicacy, synthesizing it with extreme effectiveness in a few linear and essential lines: they make opposing forces coexist, capturing the unexpected consonance ».

The two artists ready to tell and tell: a non-dogmatic meeting of thoughts on art, with the Olympic champion Maria Centracchio or the scholar Maria Grazia Bernardini, while Anna’s studio offers itself to view with all its tools. Spatulas, brushes, colors, canvases on easels, panels vibrating with light. In the heart of the trade.

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