light rains and falling temperatures

light rains and falling temperatures
light rains and falling temperatures

It will be a fairly clear day the one that opens today, Friday 5 November, in Rome and Lazio. Light rains are expected in Latina and Frosinone, but in Rome, Rieti and Viterbo the sky will be mostly clear with some cloud cover in the evening. Temperatures drop, which will even reach 15 degrees.

The day that will open today, a Rome and Lazio, it will be serene and almost throughout the region characterized by the absence of rainfall. After the bad weather of the past few days, with storms, floods and landslides in different parts of the region, now the serene returns to Lazio – at least for a few days. In particular, today, Friday 5 November, will be characterized by fairly cold temperatures, with highs that in some areas will not exceed 15 degrees, and partially cloudy skies. Weak rains they are foreseen in some provinces of Lazio, but only in certain hours of the day. The weather conditions will not change in the next few days, where light rains are expected but with a prevalence of clear skies.

Temperatures drop in Rome and Lazio

In particular a Roma today, Friday 5 November, the thermometer will oscillate between an expected minimum of 12 degrees and a maximum of 18 degrees. The sky will be partly cloudy in the afternoon but no rain is expected, while the winds will blow weak. Weak rains instead in Frosinone, where rainfall will begin to fall from 1pm. The rest of the time the day will be cloudy, while temperatures will fluctuate between 9 and 14 degrees. Weak rains around 4 pm also in Latina, where the sky will be overcast for the whole day. The minimum temperature will be 12 degrees, while the maximum 19 degrees. Clear skies in the morning in Rieti, while in the afternoon the sky will be a little overcast. Temperatures will fluctuate between 5 and 16 degrees. Temperatures between 5 and 16 degrees also in Viterbo, where no rain is expected for today, with skies that will be partially cloudy.


light rains falling temperatures

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