personal recognition becomes paid (12 euros) –

personal recognition becomes paid (12 euros) –
personal recognition becomes paid (12 euros) –

The Spid provides for the recognition of the person who requests it in order to unequivocally match an individual to a digital identity. The Poste ID can be activated remotely with CIE (Electronic Identity Card), Cns (National Service Card), digital signature, Bancoposta reader and Postamat card or with SMS on a certified mobile phone associated with Bancoposta or Postepay. The most common method, on which the new commission will be paid, is personal identification at the post office counter. It was free, now you will pay 12 euros at the counter.

Poste Italiane in first place

According to the latest data updated to 24 October, almost 26 million digital identities have been activated in Italy. Citizens can choose between six managers for the SPID request but Poste Italiane, given its widespread presence throughout the national territory, is the most used supplier with 17.1 million SPIDs activated (5.3 million in 2021) and a share of market by 80%.Since October, digital identity is mandatory to use the online services of the Public Administration.

Aduc (consumers): The weakest are penalized

Consumer associations, such as Adus, also complain about the increase in the costs of the Spid service from the Post Office: To obtain the Spid at the Post Office, it is possible to do everything at the counter or online, in this case possibly by later identifying yourself at the counter. And on this last aspect that we have learned bad news: identification at the branches of the Italian Post Office, until recently free, has become a fee with a rate of twelve euros. It is not mandatory to be identified at the counter.
In reality, the Post Office allows recognition in various ways: SMS on a certified mobile phone associated with a Bancoposta or Postepay product; Bancoposta and Postamat card reader; Electronic Identity Card with PIN; Electronic Identity Card without PIN; National Service Card active with PIN; Electronic Passport; Transfer from a current account in your name; Digital signature; Identification at a public counter.

All these methods present difficulties for non-BancoPosta customers as well as for those who do not own or do not know how to use a computer, tablet or smartphone.

In the public office you need a revenue stamp

Identification is possible at a public counter, where a revenue stamp of sixteen euros is required in addition to the payment of secretarial fees. The consequence for a person who is unfamiliar with today’s technologies and who has no way to get help – says Aduc – is forced to pay twelve euros in the post office. There are other Spid identity managers, but especially in small towns it is complicated, and sometimes impossible, to use them.


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