In Milan a day without waste collection (and all other environmental services)

Crossed arms. On Monday 8 November in Milan, and in the rest of Italy, the strike of workers of the environmental services, public and private, will be staged, called by the trade unions Fp Cgil, Fit Cisl, Uiltrasporti and Fiadel.

The decision to proclaim a state of agitation, the initials said, came after the breakdown of negotiations for the renewal of the national employment contract, blocked for 27 months. “The employers imagine a contract as a tool to operate a flexibility without rules of the hourly organization of female and male workers. They want to downsize the industrial relations system, precarious employment relationships, especially for part-time workers, and eliminate the maximum limit. – the accusation of the trade unions -. For the economic part of the contract they think only of the inflationary constraint and the dynamics of the economic consideration of the client to the company. They do not give signals to recognize the professionalism of the workers employed in the plants. To this model of precariousness and exploitation we say no “.

“While we claim – the workers’ representatives continued in a note – the single national contract and supply chain, with the extension of the field of application towards recycling plants; the strengthening of industrial relations through a more participatory system; the improvement of working conditions to protect the health of workers and at the same time the guarantee of more safety for all; the development of labor market regulations and continuous training processes; the improvement of personnel classification; an evolution of contractual articles relating to plant workers; the contractual collectability of the social clause in contract changes; an economic agreement that recognizes and enhances work and that further develops contractual welfare and various allowances “.

“We, as a trade union, tenaciously tried to develop the themes of the platform and the needs of workers to sign a contractual renewal of perspective, more consistent with the indispensable industrial development of companies, but above all as a renewed tool in the rules and protections for female workers and workers – explained Davide Viscardi of Fp Cgil, Giovanni Faraci of Fit Cisl, Grazia Golosi of Uiltrasporti and Roberto Gennaro of Fiadel -. Both public and private employer associations, despite the sense of responsibility shown by the workers in the sector throughout the pandemic phase , in recent months they have maintained often wavering attitudes and with various prejudices that have little to do with the renewal of the National Collective Labor Agreement, if not the logic of reducing labor costs ”.

On the day of the strike the workers will return out of Assolombarda, in via Pantano, from 9 to 12 to express all their dissent. That day, of course, the collection of waste and all environmental services will be at risk under the Madonnina.

“Following the declaration of a national strike proclaimed by the trade unions Fp Cgil, Fit Cisl, Uiltrasporti and Fiadel, we inform the citizens of Milan, the municipalities of the metropolitan city and the Province of Varese served by Amsa that on Monday 8 November there may be delays in services carried out daily by the company “, the company said in a note, assuring that” Amsa will recover any disservices as soon as possible “.

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