Covid, nightmare outbreaks in the Northeast. Veneto, Friuli and Alto Adige: what is happening

Covid, nightmare outbreaks in the Northeast. Veneto, Friuli and Alto Adige: what is happening
Covid, nightmare outbreaks in the Northeast. Veneto, Friuli and Alto Adige: what is happening

The Covid continues to give no respite. In Italy the spread of the virus is accelerating and infections increase somewhat in all contexts: at school, among tourists and even in homes for the elderly. In some areas it is even returning spectrum of the yellow zone, despite the effectiveness of the vaccination campaign which currently ensures the health system is maintained. The situation is particularly worrying in the Northeast: in Trieste the cluster of protesta no Green pass widens, in South Tyrol the local government sees the risk of new restrictions as in neighboring Austria and in Veneto outbreaks return, in particular in the area of ​​the Euganean spas, about twenty kilometers from Vo ‘. The same territory that experienced the beginning of the nightmare of the pandemic, with the first full-blown victim in our country. Meanwhile, 43 Italian provinces have an incidence equal to or greater than 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants: in Veneto all the provinces exceed this threshold. The peak in the province of Trieste with 376 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. This is what the monitoring of the Gimbe Foundation for the week 27 October-2 November shows.

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In Veneto

Among the most affected areas is the province of Padua. Who he Covid cluster in the spa area has recorded an increase in cases in the last 15 days, going from an average of 80 in mid-September to 110, as communicated by the local health authority. Seven hotels are affected by the infections, 90% of which concern tourists. Not far away, in Conselve, there is a cluster in one retirement home with 60 positive seniors, of which 59 are not self-sufficient, and 8 infected operators. Fortunately, they were all vaccinated, so only 17 are symptomatic and only one was hospitalized. Another cluster among the elderly is in Torreglia: four people ended up in intensive care after a golden wedding party. And in the province there are also outbreaks among children, with 34 quarantined classes and 51 subject to surveillance: they are for the most part elementary. “We are worried about the rise of infections, albeit slow – the words of Governor Luca Zaia -. We are entering a critical phase from a seasonal point of view, with the flu virus that often has the same symptoms as Covid, the humidity that it acts as a natural aerosol and low temperatures: everything helps the spread of the virus. If we do not use the mask, we increase the spread. We must prevent what happened in Trieste from happening, the events are tolerable until the limit is passed “.

Friuli Venezia Giulia alarm

And right in Friuli Venezia Giulia, the outbreak identified after No Green pass events continues to increase. There are 140 cases in total: three days ago there were 93, according to the update provided by the deputy governor Riccardo Riccardi. After the squeeze on the demonstrations in Trieste, also the mayor of Udine, Pietro Fontanini asks to avoid that processions and public events take place in confined spaces such as the streets of the center or Piazza Libertà. How long concerns the yellow zone risk, it was the Trieste mayor Roberto Dipiazza who raised the alarm: “We are close to the yellow zone. It is a very serious moment and there is no longer respect for the rules, that’s enough. What I have seen in recent weeks – he added – has not only damaged the image of the city but rischia to make us go back and this would be madness “.

South Tyrol, “new restrictions”

Critical situation in South Tyrol, which in the latest bulletin counts 205 cases and one death. The governor Arno Kompatscher warned diehard no vax of the risks caused by their behavior: “There is the possibility of changing color and having to adopt more restrictions. More and more infections are detected, we have a situation correlated exactly to that of vaccination: lower rate of vaccinated and higher rate of people becoming infected or hospitalized. The scenario for us is similar to that of Austria and Germany and we know that Austria adopts more restrictive measures “.

Terapie intensive

The analysis of the Gimbe Foundation certifies the growth of infections in Italy. New cases of Covid (+ 16.6%) and hospitalizations (+ 14.9%) are still increasing, and it is also reversed the trend of intensive care (+ 12.9%). This is revealed by independent monitoring which shows, in the week 27 October-2 November, compared to the previous one, a further increase in new weekly cases: from 25,585 to 29,841. The surge is also reflected in hospitals: hospitalizations in the medical area (+388) and in intensive care (+44) are increasing. Deaths are stable (257 vs 249). At the national level, the employment rate remains very low (5% in the medical area and 4% in intensive care).

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