“He kidnapped my daughter”, “Falso”: a thriller about the child in dispute between Italy and Poland

“He kidnapped my daughter”, “Falso”: a thriller about the child in dispute between Italy and Poland
“He kidnapped my daughter”, “Falso”: a thriller about the child in dispute between Italy and Poland

There is a disputed child between an Italian father and a Polish mother. Currently the little girl, 6 years old, is in a secret home, in Italy, according to the provisions of the law: she is there with her father Davide, who obtained from the court that his daughter return to Italy after his wife Eliza had detained her. in Poland without his knowledge. The two were interviewed by “Who has seen?”: The transmission had received messages that spoke of a 6-year-old girl stolen in Poland by her Italian father, but the story is really much more complex.

Two completely conflicting points of view

Everyone in Poland knows that the girl was taken against the law – he said ElizaAuthorities say everything has been done on a regular basis but this is not the case”. Davide, portrayed by the Polish media as a “violent kidnapper”, He faced a real media storm in fact, complete with demonstrations and placards against him. “Here people think that I have illegally kidnapped a child from the mother, but that is not the case – he explained – I went there with the law. The curators did their duty and were attacked by the angry mob”.

One of the man’s lawyers, Marco Santini, explained how this media campaign is completely unjustified. “There was an executive process – clarified the lawyer – in which the child was handed over to her father, in the presence of the police and the consul, and was brought back to Italy in execution of a final judgment. There is no mention of kidnapping. Either one does not know the story or one is trying completely to mystify reality”.

Davide and Eliza met in Poland and went to live in Italy, a Roma. But on what happened next, on their menage in the capital, the two present completely contrasting visions and narratives. “The Lady – said Davide referring to his wife – began to have different attitudes towards me. It was an escalation, in the time of almost a year, the lady has had increasingly colder attitudes. The lady was always nervous about me, I couldn’t understand but I let it go because we had a little girl”.

Eliza not only states that the living room in Italy it should have been temporary, because their home is in Poland, but he claims that Davide was violent with him and the child, however the man denies. “He told me how to dress, he spoke ill of my family – Eliza continued – Here I was alone, I felt like a slave, I went to work from morning to night, I was monitored everywhere. David had changed, I was afraid of him. He hit me, grabbed me by the neck and hit the little girl with a guitar wire“. But Eliza never reported: she just went to the Polish Embassy and then committed a crime.

What happened in Poland

On May 1, 2019 Eliza went to Poland with the baby. David knew it, but he also knew that they would return: she had shown him gods return tickets. But Eliza and the little girl did not return: she told Davide that if he wanted to, he would have to go to his house in Poland. Davide refused these meetings, asking for others in a neutral place like theItalian embassy, because he feared for his own safety. He offered to return to Italy, promising that he would also pay her rent in another house, but she refused. David then asked the court in The Hague for help.

In the meantime, the media campaign against Davide has started, from which a photo has even appeared in which the man does the Roman salute. He claims it was Eliza’s idea, a joking photo that she would have him send to her sister, but she denies it. Something else happens in court: the law is on Davide’s side and asks that the child be returned to Italy within 7 days. Instead, 2 years pass between appeals and more and when the Supreme Court also pronounces, Eliza is not willing to return the child to Italy. “Mother – said Davide’s other lawyer Gianluigi Scalathree times he obstructed the execution, that is a judicial decision, with the means available to him”.

The fourth time, in a decidedly excited meeting, the authority manages to give the child back to Davide, who claims that Eliza’s brother also attacked the consul there. Eliza justified it by stating that her brother had only chased the console car “for the child’s sake“. For its part, the Embassy speaks of a complex case and guarantees that the console has followed the procedures. Eliza is currently in Rome, but has not seen the child, but she hears twice a day. The woman wants to see her daughter outdoors, but Davide is afraid that she will be stolen once again.

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