“Pain for not defending the little ones”

“Eradicating the culture of death linked to abuse”

In the message sent to the conference “Promoting child safeguarding at the time of Covid-19 and beyond”, the Pope also stated that the “conversion process” with respect to the scourge of sexual abuse of minors “urgently requires a renewed training of all those who have educational responsibilities and work in environments with minors, in the Church, in society, in the family. Only in this way, with a systematic action of preventive alliance, will it be possible to eradicate the culture of death of which every form of abuse, sexual, of conscience, of power “.

“Enough of complicit silence” “The protection of minors is ever more concretely an ordinary priority in the educational action of the Church, and the promotion of an open, reliable and authoritative service, in firm contrast to any form of domination, disfigurement of intimacy and complicit silence”, the Pontiff specified. “If the abuse is an act of betrayal of trust, which condemns those who suffer it to death and generates deep cracks in the context in which it occurs, prevention must be a permanent path to promote an always renewed and certain reliability towards life. and the future, on which minors must be able to count. And we, as adults, are called to guarantee them, rediscovering the vocation of ‘artisans of education’ and striving to be faithful to it “.


Pain defending

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