Facial treatments on the rise in Italy

Facial treatments on the rise in Italy
Facial treatments on the rise in Italy

The growth of aesthetic interventions over the past 10 years has always been steadily growing. The total number of new interventions has increased by about 10% per year, peaks of over 30% in some good specific sectors. The pandemic of Covid-19 it has certainly changed the way of life but has also, unexpectedly, increased the desire to take care of themselves, both among men and women. In fact, according to the latest data released by trade associations, the increase in aesthetic interventions is more than 20%.

At the top of the requests i lip filler, with over 40% more treatments than in the last survey, followed by filler on the middle third of the face, eyes and forehead. Compared to the past, moreover, when mainly young women between 30 and 40 years old who requested the interventions, there are more and more young people up to 20 years old and men who request aesthetic medicine treatments. The latter are attracted by the new perspectives opened by aesthetic medicine in the treatment of androgenetic baldness as well as of the already mentioned “Retouching” to the face.

The growth of medical-aesthetic treatments underlines the importance that psychophysical well-being has assumed for individuals called to measure themselves in an increasingly demanding society. Social media and new technologies have brought the end user closer to the world, shortening distances and allowing communication to establish itself from every point of view. Visual communication is the one that most dominates our age with the perfection of the body to be achieved at any cost.

If perfection calls, facial beauty treatments answer. The data disseminated byASAPS (American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) show how the pursuit of facial perfection with filler with hyaluronic acid e botox are the main interventions required by all age groups. The reasons lie both in the scarce invasiveness of the interventions and in the increasingly accessible price even to the youngest. Fillers offer immediate, long-lasting and safe results. They do not expose you to health risks and can be done in a few minutes in a doctor’s office without any anesthesia.

Face fillers aim eliminate wrinkles, correct expression lines o limit the muscle contraction that generates wrinkles on the skin surface. They are also used for correct the nasal profile (rinofiller) and to improve cellular health of the skin. The sum of these treatments equals the number of all other medical treatments and interventions Cosmetic Surgery. If you also take the chemical peel and treatments forface hydration percentages are reached that exceed 50% of the total.

In addition to the face, the most requested surgery in both sexes is the liposuction. In men the goal is to reduce abdominal fat while for women the thighs, hips and buttocks. All those interventions of liposcultura e laserlipolisi which are rapidly spreading, have lower risks and are less invasive. The lipofilling, a technical solution that allows you to take advantage of the peculiarities of the filler using autologous fat, risk-free and with a longer duration than traditional fillers.

The breast is another area of ​​the body that draws the attention of aesthetic medicine treatments. In women breast augmentation with breast augmentation O hay lipofilling it is now a consolidated practice. In men, breast interventions are reductive or to correct aesthetic defects of various kinds, mainly due to gynecomastia.

Furthermore, among the most requested interventions are the blepharoplasty and the rhinoplasty. Both interventions on the face, rhinoplasty is aimed at correcting the aesthetic profile of the nose while blepharoplasty corrects imperfections around the eyes. Rhinoplasty, despite the technological innovations, still retains a certain invasiveness although it allows much better results than in the past.

The new frontier of aesthetic medicine could be represented by innovations in the field of biorevitalization and tissue regeneration. In this field the best results were recorded in the stimulation of the skin and for the contrast of androgenetic alopecia. The search for eternal youth from a literary subject for adventurers becomes more and more a reality thanks to medicine and technology.

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