corpse in the Tiber river at Ponte Milvio

Macabre discovery in North Rome where a body was recovered in the Tiber. The report of a lifeless body that floated dragged by the current of the river shortly after 8:00 this morning by a passer-by in transit on Ponte Milvio.

When the intervention was requested at 112 in North Rome, the firefighters with the 9A team of the Diving Unit intervened together with the police officers and the Borgo and Ponte Milvio police stations of the State Police. Having identified the body, the firefighters managed to recover it at Ponte Duca d’Aosta at the Olympic stadium. Undocumented, the lifeless body has yet to be identified.

Investigations underway by the police to trace the identity of the person found in the Tiber and ascertain what caused his death.


corpse Tiber river Ponte Milvio

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