Bad weather in Rome, motorist rescued with the Piramide rubber dinghy

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04 November 2021 09:44


They intervened with the rubber dinghy, saving a motorist in the Pyramid area, who was left with the SUV in need of a breakdown due to the violent downpour that hit the city during the night. There were over a hundred interventions by the Local Police, civil protection and firefighters in the Capitoline territory carried out due to the heavy rain.

The agents were engaged in the safety of the roads, with temporary closures, due to flooding, accumulation of mud on the roadway and falling branches that hit different areas of the city, also providing assistance to motorists left with broken down vehicles.

Among the various interventions, the main ones concerned Piazzale del Verano, Via della Maglianella, Via Cilicia, Via della Pisana, underpass of Via Prati Fiscali, piazzale Ostiense. Patrols still engaged in via Portuense, at the height of Via Pacinotti, due to the presence of a copious layer of mud on the road.

Video by Alessandro Giannini


Bad weather Rome motorist rescued Piramide rubber dinghy

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