Policlinico di Milano, a more child-friendly Pediatrics

Milan, 4 Nov. (askanews) – A new generation CT scan for the Pediatric ward of the Milan Polyclinic, but, above all, a new step forward in the humanization of reception and therapy environments for young patients. That now, entering the hospital, they will be able to live an immersive experience thanks to Oculus 3D, approaching the exams as if they were at the bottom of the sea. “I always say that often a smile and a welcoming environment help to cure as much as a medicine – has Marco Giachetti, president of the Fondazione IRCCS Policlinico di Milano, told askanews – We have carried out many projects and we have seen that the percentage of patients who arrive in humanized environments is also happy to go back to prevention, and this is very important for treatment and for the future of our healthcare “. The initiative was strongly desired by the De Marchi Foundation, as part of the Pedrito Project, to support and improve the well-being of the children of the Clinica De Marchi pediatric hospital. “We were born 40 years ago – explained Francesco Iandola, executive director of the Foundation – to help the Polyclinic to give the best possible care to children. So in part we help the Polyclinic to find economic resources to hire staff, in part to buy scientific equipment such as this CT scan and in part we address children and families directly, because our aim is to give a life as peaceful as possible even to children with serious illnesses “. The new CT allows you to perform routine examinations, but also more complexes, including diagnostics for rare disease pathways. And to achieve certain results, the relationship between public and private is daily and strategic. “We are a hospital that was born in 1456 – added Giachetti – and has always been open to citizens and has collaborated with them, so much so that it has been called everyone’s’ Ca ‘Grande’, because the collaboration has been continuous over the centuries. 90 associations that work with us and this public-private relationship helps to grow, helps the hospital to get to where public resources are not enough. To do that extra something that allows everyone to be treated in the best possible way “.” We do what we can – echoed Iandola – to make sick children feel sometimes luckier than others “. To continue making projects like Pedrito possible, the De Marchi Foundation then addresses citizens directly. “Until 21 November – concluded the director of the De Marchi Foundation – a text message campaign is active: by writing to 45581, two euros can be donated to support the humanization project of the Pediatric departments of the Milan Polyclinic”. technology, but also relies on artists such as Gregorio Mancino, who decorated the corridors of the ward and who involves the same children in his painting.


Policlinico Milano childfriendly Pediatrics

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