Pandemic No vax: squeeze in Europe. And Italy prepares “the targeted obligation”

Pandemic No vax: squeeze in Europe. And Italy prepares “the targeted obligation”
Pandemic No vax: squeeze in Europe. And Italy prepares “the targeted obligation”

No vaxes give the coronavirus an edge. The data are incontrovertible: in countries where the percentage of the population discovered is highest, Covid regains strength. It is no coincidence that the German health minister, Jens Spahn, defines the current situation in his country as “the pandemic of the unvaccinated” which will soon impose new restrictions. Over 11 thousand infections on November 1, 16 thousand on November 2 and more than 20 thousand yesterday with 194 deaths from complications attributable to Covid-19. Citizens vaccinated exceed 66% but clearly not enough. If you look at the data, it is clear that compared to the rest of Europe, for example, in Germany there is a strong party of suspicious vaccination that reaches 16% and among these 11% is represented by “diehards”, clearly opposed to the vaccine . It is not surprising that these figures worry Spahn also because the majority are part of the active population, between 18 and 59 years old.

While Germany is facing what is undoubtedly its fourth wave, the World Health Organization is aiming at Europe because, it denounces, it is “the only region to record an increase in infections, plus 6% and the second by increase of the deaths, more 12%, after South-East Asia which is more than 50% ». The pandemic shows in the week between 25 and 31 October a slight global upward trend, plus 3%. Over 50 thousand victims in this period of time, up 8% compared to the previous 7 days. Increases that concern Europe precisely while the other regions have recorded reductions or stable trends while the highest weekly incidence rates per 100 thousand inhabitants are recorded in Europe (192.3 new cases per 100 thousand inhabitants). Dramatic situation in Russia which for days has recorded more than a thousand deaths every 24 hours and is the country where the no to the vaccine affects even 43% of the population, followed by the USA with 27%.

Yet the data collected by scientific societies clearly show that those who are protected by the vaccine can become infected and become positive but do not get worse and do not end up in hospital. Even the latest report from the Istituto Superiore di Sanità confirms that hospitalizations mainly involve the unvaccinated. In the 40/59 age bracket in the period from 17 September to 17 October, 989 hospitalizations were among the unvaccinated, 80 per cent of the reference population. Of the 192 vaccinated, 15%. In the intensive care unit, 111 people were not vaccinated in the same period, that is 84% ​​against 16 not vaccinated, 12%. Between the ages of 12 and 39, hospitalization was necessary for 557 of the unvaccinated and only for 79 vaccinated. In the intensive, 31 unvaccinated and no vaccinated ended up.

Yesterday’s bulletin records an increase in infections: 5,188 new positives with 63 deaths. But the positivity index drops to 0.7 as a result of the increase in tampons carried out, over 700 thousand. The number of Covid beds in intensive care decreases, minus 4, for a total of 381 with 31 new admissions while that of ordinary hospitalizations rises, plus 37 for a total of 3,029.

And therefore, as the government has already repeated several times, the decision to resort to the extreme ratio is approaching: the vaccination obligation which, however, will be selective, or will concern specific age groups and work categories considered more at risk because in contact with the public.

The confirmation comes from the Undersecretary for Health, Andrea Costa “There are some reflections to be made regarding the vaccination obligations for some categories: over 50 and 60, and those who work closely with the public – Costa points out- It is not fair that who, demonstrating responsibility, he has been vaccinated, must undergo further restrictions due to those who have not been vaccinated ».