Mattarella “Italy looks with emotion at the victims of wars” – Il Tempo

Mattarella “Italy looks with emotion at the victims of wars” – Il Tempo
Mattarella “Italy looks with emotion at the victims of wars” – Il Tempo

ROME (ITALPRESS) – “Four important anniversaries are remembered this year: 160 years of the Unification of Italy, 150 years of Rome Capital, 100 years of the transfer to the Vittoriano of the body of the Unknown Soldier, 75 years of the Republic. Fundamental moments in our history that will find solemn expression on November 4, the Day of National Unity and the Armed Forces, at the Altare della Patria “. Thus the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, in the message sent to the Minister of Defense, Lorenzo Guerini. “On this day our thoughts go to those who have suffered, to the point of extreme sacrifice, to leave a united, independent, free and democratic Italy to the younger generations. The entire Italian people looks with emotion at all the victims of wars. Their memory represents the deepest and most sincere stimulus to fulfill the duties of Italian and European citizens ”.
“The hundredth anniversary of the transfer of the Unknown Soldier to the Altare della Patria calls to the national conscience the immense sacrifice of the Armed Forces and of the whole country in the conflicts that have crossed the European history of the twentieth century.
Our history is marked by the tragedy of the First World War: in the shared pain a feeling of inextinguishable brotherhood was cemented between the country and citizens in uniform. Today the heirs of those traditions confirm that they represent a patrimony of civic virtues, cohesion, responsibility, available to the country ”continues Mattarella. “
Men and women in uniform are always ready to lavish their precious commitment in carrying out the tasks assigned to them by Parliament and Government, at the service of the international community in peacekeeping operations and, on the national territory, alongside the other components of the State. . Soldiers, sailors, airmen, carabinieri, financiers and civil defense personnel, your work, an expression of value, professionalism and dedication, is recognized and appreciated on a daily basis ”.
“United Nations, Atlantic Alliance and European Union, represent the references of our foreign and security policy. Thanks to your contribution, Italy operates within these Bodies as a protagonist for the maintenance of peace and stability and to safeguard the values ​​of freedom, justice and cooperation enshrined in the Constitution.
The Republic knows it can count on each of you and on the indissoluble oath of loyalty you have taken.
To all of you and your families on this occasion I address the most cordial wishes and affectionate greetings of the Italian people.
Long live the Armed Forces, long live the Republic ”concludes the President of the Republic.


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