From concessions to telephony, what’s in the competition bill

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No liberalization of bathing concessions and for street vendors. But a mapping in view of a future reform. Prime Minister Mario Draghi chooses the path of mediation who, before the launch of the competition bill, brought together the control room to share the choices with the parties to ease the constraints and push economic activities. With a text that currently consists of 34 articles but will be revised and corrected until the last one in view of the Council of Ministers scheduled for Thursday afternoon, also because there would still be open questions, starting from the idea of ​​a delegation to review the rules for taxi and Ncc.

Cdm Thursday afternoon

The political meeting came in the evening after dozens of technical meetings and several postponements. The last attempt to bring the measure to the CDM took place last week with the maneuver, but the lack of a text and the limited time available had forced the government to postpone. Even today there were some complaints about the absence of a text distributed before the meeting, to allow everyone to evaluate the interventions in detail. But in the end, having cleared the field of the thorniest issues such as street vendors and bathing establishments, the general agreement arrived and the ok to go to the Council of Ministers with one of the key reforms of the PNRR, which the government had already undertaken to present in summer.

Transparency operation on concessions

On concessions in general, time is taken, choosing to proceed as with the land registry: for now a mapping of the state of the art, a sort of “transparency operation” in order to have a clear picture of who holds them, for how long and how much they pay that can be the basis for any future interventions on the tender mechanisms. Also on the question of hydroelectric concessions, which raised doubts in particular in the League (and in the governors of the North), the point of fall would be a push to the Regions to accelerate the tenders together with a strengthening of the substitute powers of the State, which would intervene only when the Regions are lagging behind.

The draft of the competition law


Medication measures package

There have been contacts with the governors in recent weeks but only on a technical level, even if the rules that involve them are different, even on the health front. With the bill, in fact, a package of measures on medicines should arrive to improve the distribution and accelerate the marketing of new medicines, but also new rules for the appointment of medical managers, reviewing the powers of general managers.

Anti-discretion rule in primary appointment

Not only. In order to reduce the discretionary powers in the appointment of hospital managers, the draft of the Competition bill intervenes on the principles that the regions must comply with for the procedures for the assignment of offices. Among the novelties, it is envisaged that the commission no longer presents a set of three to the general manager but draws up a ranking (on curricula, professional qualifications, volumes of activity, adherence to the profile sought and interview). Then the CEO appoints who has the best score. In the event of resignation or forfeiture of the manager within two years, he is replaced by scrolling the ranking rather than by one of the two professionals in the triad.

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