83 positive, 41 recovered and one new death

I’m 83 (so 63 more than yesterday’s 20) the new coronavirus cases registered today (Wednesday 3 November 2021) in Umbria, where 65,349 people have become infected with Covid-19 since the beginning of the health emergency.

Coronavirus, Iss: “Vaccination efficacy decreased from 89% to 76%”

However, there are 2,426 – therefore 1,546 more than the 880 of the previous day – the molecular swabs performed in the last hours (with the total rising to 1,190,277), while the tests become 1,012,499 (+11,018, yesterday there were 4,316) antigenic carried out so far: there are therefore 13,444 (+8,248 compared to yesterday) the total tests processed in the last hours with a positivity rate that (taking into consideration the sum of swabs and tests) goes from 0.38% yesterday to 0.75 % (from 2.27% yesterday to 3.42% counting only the molecular ones).

Coronavirus, 11 regions in green on the EU risk map: the color of Umbria

In today’s bulletin – with the data of the Region and Civil Protection updated at 9.39 – there is however a smaller increase as regards the currently positive figures, which are now 1,212 (+41). This is because the number of those recovered is growing to 62,672 (+41), while the total deaths counted since the beginning of the pandemic rise to 1,465 (+1). The number of people in absent-minded isolation is also on the rise and now they are 1,165 (+42), while in the Umbrian ‘Covid Hospitals’ the total number of hospitalized patients drops to 47 (-1) and the number of those in intensive care remains stable at 7.

Deaths from Covid, the Higher Institute of Health: “Clarifications on the latest report”


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