Senate, yes to insularity: ‘For Sicily a historic goal’

Unanimous go-ahead of the Senate, with 223 votes in favor, to the constitutional bill, by popular initiative, for the modification of article 119 of the Constitution on the recognition of the serious and permanent natural disadvantage deriving from insularity. This is the first resolution of Palazzo Madama, four steps will be required, two in the Chamber and two in the Senate, because it is a bill that modifies the constitutional charter.

“It is a historic milestone expected for decades by Sicily and the Sicilians, as well as by Sardinia and all the Italian islands. We also achieved it thanks to a battle conducted jointly by the two large ‘sister’ islands ”, says the president of the Sicilian Region Nello Musumeci. “Today a fundamental principle has been set, but now consequential legislative initiatives are necessary to effectively compensate the islanders, allow them to enjoy the same rights and compete on the same conditions as those residing in other parts of Italy”.

Born from a popular initiative, the text was modified during the first reading in the Senate’s Constitutional Affairs Committee. The provision effectively reintroduces the theme of equal opportunities for the islanders, which already existed in the 1948 Charter, but which was canceled with the Reform of Title V in 2001. The unanimous vote of the groups, recalled the speaker Vincenzo Garruti (M5s ), recognizes the fact that the islands present intrinsic situations of disadvantage, concerning transport and the connection with the mainland, the environment and various fragile ecosystems, exposed to constant climate change, or the reduced economic activity, including seasonal tourism, fishing and agriculture.


Senate insularity Sicily historic goal

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