First day of the ‘Wave’ mobility conference kicks off in Rome

First day of the ‘Wave’ mobility conference kicks off in Rome
First day of the ‘Wave’ mobility conference kicks off in Rome

“You have to take steps forward gradually. We all know that we should move towards electric mobility but this step must be economically sustainable. Often there is no mention of the energy that will be needed to keep these electric vehicles going. We need to invest in electricity distribution networks and also in the production of energy from renewable sources. Balance is needed for these changes. We must all do our duty and help each other. Today young people have the desire to move and any means are good for them. The correct answer to these new needs can be given by an urban plan of sustainable mobility, for example by classifying the viability on 2 levels, a primary one where authorized vehicles can move and a room where all other users of the vehicle can move more safely. Street. Mobility policies need to be reviewed. “Thus Enrico Pagliari, manager of the Aci technical area, during his speech for the first day of the conference on sustainable mobility ” Wave“.

The panel “From rules to practice: EU directives applied in Italy” was also attended by MEP Patrizia Toia, the mayor of Treviso and Anci Veneto president Mario Conte and Pierpaolo Settembri, head of unit of the DG Move Coordination of the European Commission, who explained: “Today we all recognized that we are facing an epochal challenge. The European strategy for sustainable and intelligent mobility, in the pre-Covid phase, had a big obstacle, that of financing. Covid, inevitably blocking transport, has made it possible to create the urgency to field extraordinary resources and important funds we were not used to. The strategy is summarized in 3 principles: all modes of transport must become more sustainable, sustainable alternatives must be increased compared to existing ones and incentives must also be rebalanced positive in relation to pollution and use of infrastructures. It is not just about economic incentives. Sometimes stimuli are enough “.

The mayor of Treviso then added: “We are not exactly ready as a country for change. From an ideological point of view we are, but the truth is that we have to deal with the structures and what we have available. give answers to our citizens and accompany them in the change. We are not the best in Europe but not the worst. In Treviso we have accelerated with the urban plan of the sustainable city and we have been working for a year on the city of 15 minutes. new executives, because the skills that a sector such as the environment and mobility requires today are truly very high. Our goal is to create a city suitable for children “.

“We will continue in this direction without forgetting all that slice of the population that will probably find it difficult to accept change. If we do not create the right conditions, citizens will always be reluctant. Covid has given an incredible acceleration from the point of view of mobility and ecological transition “.


day Wave mobility conference kicks Rome

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