Exposed against baby gangs in Barletta, “unheard alarm”

Exposed against baby gangs in Barletta, “unheard alarm”
Exposed against baby gangs in Barletta, “unheard alarm”
Aggression, bullying, threats of violence, and a general climate of fear and tension: this was what was highlighted in two exhibits signed by the association “Citizens against the Mafia and Corruption” sent last year to local and national authorities. The president of the association, prof. Luigi Cassio Telesforo Dipace, from San Ferdinando di Puglia, intervenes recalling the content of those documents to underline their relevance compared to what happened in recent days in Barletta.

“In unsuspecting times – writes the president – we had raised the alarm precisely on what was happening and on many occasions in the areas of Barletta’s nightlife, where gangs of unscrupulous young criminals, sometimes with the help of knives, attacked passers-by, most of the time young people who were bullied by these criminals.

A first detailed report was made on 06 August 2020 and a subsequent, equally detailed one on 13 October 2020, and sent by certified email to the President of the Republic, Hon. Sergio Mattarella, to the then President of the Council of Ministers, Prof. Giuseppe Conte, to the Minister of the Interior, Dr. Luciana Lamorgese and to the Prefect of Barletta, Dr. Maurizio Valiante.

The alarm raised in those exposed (risk of fatal assaults, as occurred in other parts of Italy) by the undersigned materialized, amid general indifference. No answer has ever come from the state institutions interested by myself: and today everyone is asking for drastic measures, as if until now the problem did not exist. An absurd silence on the part of the institutions!

Therefore, the aforementioned Association asks for clarity on the failures, dutiful interventions that had to be made, and which could have prevented crimes of such bestiality. Highlighting again that they were prophets for what happened already about a year and a half ago, in unsuspecting times.

At the same time, the association invites all the State Authorities to act with decidedly more incisive and timely actions, so that certain districts of cities and territories are no longer hostage to crime of all kinds “.

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