here are the 5 districts of Milan that are most in transformation

They called it in many ways: super eco-bonus 110, home bonus, 110% bonus, 110% eco-bonus… well, how you put it, it has been talked about far and wide. Introduced by the Relaunch Decree to facilitate “virtuous” renovation building interventions in terms of energy efficiency, this bonus more than others has literally depopulated, contributing to the strong growth of requests in the building renovation sector in Italy.

It was calculated that there was a actual increase of 20% of the demand for interventions for home renovations, facades refurbishment, installation of windows and boilers, thermal insulation and application of solar panels (just to mention the most requested), compared to 2020. This data continues to grow incredibly by 10% every month.

In conclusion, The whole of Italy is mobilizing on the “work in progress” front, but there is a metropolis that more than any other is taking advantage of the opportunity granted by the Government and it is the same city that in recent years has decided to invest across the board in energy and sustainable transition.

Let’s talk about Milano, of course, that, according to the statistics, already a supplier of the data mentioned up to now, has seen a real boom in requests, so much so that the portal has drawn up a ranking of the 5 districts of Milan more subject to building transformation based on the number of requests for services related to building renovation received from July 2020 to September 2021 on

Bocconi (22% of requests)
Central Station (20%)
Lambrate (17%)
San Siro (15%)
Guastalla (13 %)

With the remaining 13% divided into the remaining areas of the city, data in hand it seems that there is little to do: one in two Milanese is looking for a professional that you take care of of the restructuring home.

Of course, with such a large demand, one might think that by now it is almost impossible to find a “free” professional who can perform the work of those who have not yet taken advantage of various bonuses and concessions.

Yet, the proof that there are still many serious and available professionals is just right, the leading portal in Italy that ensures fast and easy contact between supply and demand for professional services of various types: on the one hand it allows the user to find the best professional on the market for free, allowing him to compare profiles, quotes and reviews, on the other hand it becomes an effective online showcase for VAT numbers, small artisans and service companies.

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