140 infections of which five hospitalized (not vaccinated)

“The outbreak localized following the demonstrations held in recent days continues to increase. From the 93 positive cases reported in the communication three days ago, today we have reached 140; of these, five people had to resort to hospitalization”.

The news was given by the deputy governor of the Region with responsibility for Health Riccardo Riccardi commenting on the data that are provided daily to the Central Health Department by the task force coordinated by Professor Fabio Barbone, who has the task of monitoring the situation relating to Covid in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

“Of the 140 cases of the outbreak – explains the deputy governor in detail – 129 people belong to the area of ​​the Giuliano Isontina university health authority and another 11 people to that of the central Friuli university health agency. Almost half of the total infections (69 cases ) are of a ‘secondary’ type; this means that a person who was positivized by the demonstrations in turn transmitted the virus to those who were not present at the demonstrations. Another three people were infected by a secondary case “.

“In addition, for five people – Riccardi clarifies – it was necessary to resort to hospitalization in Trieste; three are found in the pulmonology finding and two in that of infectious diseases. In all five cases they are patients without anticovid vaccination coverage. “.


infections hospitalized vaccinated

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