“Sexist cartoon from the Mayor Pd. But the left is silent”

“Sexist cartoon from the Mayor Pd. But the left is silent”
“Sexist cartoon from the Mayor Pd. But the left is silent”

A lightness that hides a world. A world that thousands of women are fighting, and that hides sufferings, injustices, struggles of decades carried on with difficulty. This is what can be hidden even just behind a sexist joke made at the bar, a thought or a cartoon posted that: “he wanted to be just a joke to get a smile“. These are the words of Giampiero Lattanzi, PD mayor of Guardea and president of the province of Terni, who a few days ago posted on his Facebook page a cartoon, later removed, with strongly sexist content. Two girls talking to each other: “How do you get all this money? Lentils on New Year’s Eve?“, one asks. The other replies:”No, peas all year round“.

An exchange that few have found amusing and that, in addition to creating a media uproar, has brought to light how much work there is still to be done on the path of respect for women. To take the field in first person Valeria Alessandrini Senator of the League, member of the parliamentary commission of inquiry into femicide, who in a long post on Facebook strongly condemned the cartoon, underlining how, if the same content had been posted by a mayor of the League, an uproar would have broken out. We have reached out to her, to better understand what happened and why making a battle and denouncing even one joke, is so important and educational.

Senator, what disturbed you as a politician but above all as a woman in the cartoon published by Giampiero Lattanzi?

“The fact that there is still someone who makes these kinds of cartoons, and that they think they are so nice to the point of posting them on their Facebook page. The literal sense of the cartoon is that the woman can ‘have all that money’ and thus fulfill herself in life and work thanks to ‘peas all year’. Honestly, this kind of concept disgusts me, both as a woman and as a politician, who has studied, worked and made sacrifices to get to where she is now. I hope that the president of the province and mayor of the Democratic Party, Giampiero Lattanzi, realizes the gravity of the cartoon he posted ”.

Does the fact of having it canceled give good hope that Mayor Lattanzi has realized it?

“Having the post removed does not cancel the fact of having published it. I hope he did it because he realized the gravity of the sexist message conveyed and not because someone suggested that he cancel it given the media hype that had arisen and the positions that the Democratic Party itself had adopted a few days earlier on a similar issue. . I want to think of a sincere gesture of repentance and not a mere political move ”.

How can the goliardic intent justify a sexist content?

“The goliardic intent does not in fact justify sexism, on the contrary it amplifies it. It is when you think you can belittle and joke on a subject as serious as that of prostitution and respect for the female figure that the gesture reveals itself in all its gravity. Behind prostitution there are dramatic stories of exploitation, violence and deprivation. This cannot be joked about. We are not”.

According to Lattanzi, the motivation was to pull a smile, but do you think leftist women who have said nothing about it find it funny?

“I’m sure the cartoon annoyed all the women. Because I don’t think there is a woman who can accept the image that emerges from the dialogue expressed in the cartoon. If any woman is silent and does not speak, it is because they are held back by being from the same left party as Lattanzi. To these women I say that if they do not want to condemn the author of the post for political affiliation, at least they condemn the cartoon and who created it and request its removal from every Facebook profile that shared it. This would be a nice gesture of intellectual honesty ”.

From justice, to the assaults on the CGIL up to the controversy over the ordinance on prostitution also wanted by citizens and also present in other regions, why do you think the left uses two weights and two measures?

“An unprecedented mud machine was unleashed on the ordinance against prostitution adopted by the Municipality of Terni. Built specifically to distort the meaning of the act and get a totally wrong message across. Especially since the same ordinance has been adopted by hundreds of municipalities throughout Italy and that the citizens of Terni have requested it. The difference? In Terni the Lega and the center-right governs, which is why the left has unleashed with vulgar fake news and exploitation worthy of the worst left ever. As if to take revenge for the non-approval of the bill in the Senate Zan. It would be more honest to admit that if the text is not passed the fault lies solely with Letta, who has decided to block the League’s requests. The left that stands as a champion of rights today in the face of the post-sexist of a member of the Democratic Party, only manages to belittle, or to remain silent as parliamentarians of the Democratic Party and the 5 Star Movement have done, showing a rather ridiculous double standard ” .

Doesn’t it seem to you that a part of the left now takes politics as a football match, where the rules do not apply but only cheering even beyond logic?

“I must say that I know and compare myself politically in a mature and reasoned way with men and women of the left. However, there are elements that for visibility, lack of critical spirit, opportunism or anger, do not miss an opportunity to lash out against the center-right with vulgar and shameful attacks. The left is unable to accept that there is a force like the League capable of developing valid initiatives in the cultural field, on the subject of school, rights, work and therefore tries in every way to raise the media fuss based on the demonization of political opponent and almost never on content. Fortunately, the Italians are realizing it ”.

You rightly reiterated that if such a thing had been posted by a right-wing leader, a fuss would have arisen, how is it possible that double standards are used in a democracy?

“If a center-right mayor had published such a cartoon, the media uproar would have been unleashed and he would have been pilloried within a few hours. Instead, the author of the gesture is from the left and all this uproar has not been there, or at least to a lesser extent. We are sorry that this double standard is also used in judging an important topic such as that of respect for women, which should all agree ”.

There are many struggles to make ordinary people and young people understand respect for women, I ask you how do you make it understood by a part of politics?

“A representative of the institutions, a mayor, in this case of the Democratic Party, cannot afford to publish a sexist cartoon on his social profile that damages the image of the woman. The politician should be a moral point of reference for citizens even in the messages he conveys. In these cases, double attention and double sensitivity towards certain issues would be needed, especially if you are in a party that cares about the facade image of champion of the defense of all rights ”.

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