Covid, in Veneto today a boom of infections: 800 in 24 hours – Chronicle

Covid, in Veneto today a boom of infections: 800 in 24 hours – Chronicle
Covid, in Veneto today a boom of infections: 800 in 24 hours – Chronicle

Venice, 3 November 2021 – Boom of infections Covid in Veneto. In the last 24 hours the Region has registered almost 800 cases, 781 to be precise, against the approximately 350 (336) reported yesterday. To anticipate the data of the today’s bulletin the regional councilor for Health and Social of Veneto, Manuela Lanzarote. “The pandemic is not over. Today we have a bulletin with higher data, if I see today’s data I am more worried than yesterday, even if there have certainly been more swabs”, she said on the sidelines of the Legacoop social congress of Veneto, to Padua. “There is a slight increase in ICU and non-critical care patients,” he added. There are two more patients in the medical areas and two more in the critical wards. Two new deaths. “Numbers still under control as regards the hospital part but which oblige us to reflect, pay attention and greater responsibility”. Lanzarin stressed that for now, the reactivation of Covid hospitals, nor the introduction of new restrictions, are planned. The commissioner, on the other hand, reiterated the importance of insisting on the use of masks, as well as on the cornerstones of the fight against Coronavirus: that is, the sanitation of the hands, respect for social distancing and the vaccination campaign.

Covid Italia: here the bulletin for today 3 November

The ascent of the infections in Italy in the last few days it has been steady, but not particularly fast. In the last week there has been a significant jump in hospitalizations in ordinary regime (+621 from the minimum of 16 October) while in the last 24 hours the intensive care units have risen by 43 units.

Conselve and Vicenza

Lanzarin then addressed the theme of Conselve retirement home, in the province of Padua, where they have been identified 64 cas in Coronavirus between guests and operators. The course of the disease would, in this case, be rapid. “They are all asymptomatic or paucisymptomatic and only two hospitalized, but I am not in intensive care”, said the commissioner. Furthermore, the positives “are negativized very quickly, and this is a result of the vaccination coverage, which even if it was running out because they are vaccinated at the beginning, makes the disease less intense with a faster and more manageable course within the Rsa “. The outbreak in the Ipab (which stands for Public Institutions of Assistance and Charity) of Vicenza has also been monitored. “It was about 25 positives a week ago and now it’s down to 15, the negativization is fast,” Lanzarin explained.

The November 3 report

Vaccination report

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