Climate change, the National Geographic Fest in Milan

Milan, 3 Nov. (askanews) – The National Geographic Fest 2021 is born in Milan, from 6 to 12 November: a week of meetings with Italian and international experts to grasp the urgency of a radical change in policies to combat environmental degradation and, above all, change climatic. Over 35 events, 7 screenings and 3 premières with more than 45 national and international guests – including Michael Mann, Jill Tiefenthaler, Tom Szaky and Nadia Shira Cohen – to explore, analyze, (re) discover and enhance the planet that hosts us and its incredible resources.The new festival will be held at the CityLife Anteo and CityLife Shopping District and relaunches the challenge of the young people of the Green Generation who took to the streets for the climate in Milan led by international activists Greta Thunberg and Vanessa Nakate. The analysis of the effects of climate change, the green revolution and good practices for the protection of the Earth will be at the center of the debates: the National Geographic Fest 2021 will bring together the excellence protagonists of this challenge with a hybrid exhibition that will take place both in presence both online, with meetings broadcast live on with the intention of influencing a new sensitivity towards the environment, the National Geographic Fest 2021 features numerous National Geographic Explorers, scientists, researchers, environmentalists and storytellers, advocates of change, capable of identifying the challenges of our time and promoting new solutions. Four sections comprising the program designed to develop topics, themes and suggestions through a plurality of voices and professionalism. On the one hand, the explorers and photographers of National Geographic who will tell their mission, and the young people of the Green Generation, invited to share the stories of commitment and innovation that characterize the new green wave; on the other, institutional guests and private companies, ready to identify the challenges and opportunities that our communities must face in terms of the environment, and finally the Green Leaders, large companies who will take part in special sessions representing their vision of sustainability.


Climate change National Geographic Fest Milan

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