Massimo and the deadly ambush in the car. The track of the stalker of the ex-girlfriend –

Massimo and the deadly ambush in the car. The track of the stalker of the ex-girlfriend –
Massimo and the deadly ambush in the car. The track of the stalker of the ex-girlfriend –

A little more than 24 hours after the discovery of the body of Massimo Melis, the 52-year-old operator of the Green Cross murdered on the outskirts of Turin with a gunshot to the temple,a lead emerges that could lead to a turning point in the investigation. Patrizia, the ex-girlfriend, with whom the victim had remained on excellent terms, revealed to investigators that, in recent times, a man she had dated several years ago would have repeatedly annoyed her. It would not be a question of physical aggression, but of behaviors that would have made her “feel uncomfortable”. The woman, however, never reported him for stalking and had chosen not to tell her family anything. Instead, it seems she had confided in Melis, the friend who spent almost every day in her family’s bar, on the corner of Corso Vercelli and Via Gottardo. She was “frightened” and, probably to protect her, Massimo took her shopping on Sunday afternoon and then he escorted her to the landing of the house, a few tens of meters away from Patrizia’s bar. He wanted to defend her and instead was killed in the cockpit of his car, parked on the other side of the road.

For the moment it is a hypothesis that would lead to a man, just over 60 years old and with various criminal records. A character able to get hold of a large-caliber pistol, like the one that killed the ambulance driver, who lived with his mother Rosaria three blocks away. The investigators, coordinated by the prosecutor Chiara Canepa, are making all the necessary investigations and, pending concrete feedback, do not exclude other leads. Even if the passionate one remains very concrete, given that Patrizia was resentful for the second time last night by the investigators of the Flying Squad.

The first fixed point in the investigation, coordinated by the manager Luigi Mitola, will be the autopsy entrusted to the coroner Roberto Testi. He will have to establish with a good degree of certainty the time of Melis’ death, which initially was placed around 11pm on Sunday. If that time was confirmed the murder allegedly took place two and a half hours after Patrizia said she was taken home. Yet the victim’s Fiat Punto did not move from the Via Gottardo parking lot. Melis could also have moved on foot, but at that time it started raining in Turin and her suede shoes, found perfectly dry after 15 hours, did not even show any traces of humidity. It is difficult to think that Massimo could have been locked in the car for two hours, but it cannot be ruled out that he could have an appointment with someone. Maybe with the killer, who instead was waiting for him hidden in the gardens, or in the car. And he was surprised when he lit a cigarette, found partially consumed on the mat.

Other hypotheses, suggestions, but so far very few certainties. The examination of the telephone records of Massimo and Patrizia’s cell phones will provide them. Investigators want to find out if there are traces on the woman’s phone that could lead to that mysterious ex-friend she spoke of. And above all they intend to probe the private life of the employee of the Green Cross, with a clean record and defined by colleagues and neighbors as “a golden boy, always ready to help others”. Sunday morning he had worked on the ambulance and then spent the afternoon in Corso Vercelli, even though Patrizia’s bar was closed.

«He came here and played the usual 2 euro ticket – says the owner of the betting room -. He was cheerful, as always. He also told me that he should have received the third dose of the vaccine in a few days. It seems impossible that anyone could have killed him. And in that way for more ». The modalities of the crime, in fact, suggest an execution rather than an act of impetus. A gun to the head, a single shot fired at point blank range, no shells found. The Melis murder continues to be shrouded in mystery, but perhaps not for long.

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