From Trentino to Campania, Poppea’s grip on Italy

From Trentino to Campania, Poppea’s grip on Italy
From Trentino to Campania, Poppea’s grip on Italy

AGI – Bad weather continues to hit Italy. Today it is orange alert on part of Lazio, Campania, Molise, Abruzzo and Sardinia. The new impetus of Cyclone Poppea is destined to remain still quite busy even in the next few days, when new rains, strong winds and even snow in the mountains will return to Italy. THE

Rains and even some thunderstorms have hit various areas of the North and Center, without sparing the South and in particular Campania. The most intense phenomena were concentrated in the first part of the day in the Northwest and over a large part of the Tyrrhenian area

Between the afternoon and the evening due to a new cyclonic vortex forming close to Liguria the most intense precipitations are expected in Lombardy, in the Northeast, in Tuscany, as well as on the middle and lower Tyrrhenian. Maximum attention to the possibility of storms in the upper Veneto, along the Tuscan coasts and in the areas between Lazio and Campania; the return of the snow, with flakes that has returned to fall on the Alps around 12.00 meters above sea level, should also be noted.

Even during the day of Thursday 4 November, the weather will be very unstable in the Center and in the South, while in the North we will see a general improvement, waiting for a weekend during which the atmosphere will still be far from quiet.

The situation in Sardinia

Flooding and serious inconvenience in the Oristano area, due to the abundant rainfall that triggered the emergency. The firefighters of the provincial command of Oristano have been working continuously for hours in the capital, in Marrubiu, Arborea, Terralba and Santa Giusta. 25 interventions have already been carried out and others are in progress. The floods affected homes, basements and several streets. It was necessary to close the schools both in Terralba (with the exception of high schools) and in Marrubiu. The mayors Sandro Pili and Luca Corrias have issued the ordinances, valid for today.

In Terralba also the teams of the Municipality worked with the vacuum cleaners. In Arborea the farmers’ barrels are in action to pump water from some flooded roads, while in the countryside there are the employees of the Oristanese reclamation consortium. In Uras the situation of the watercourses that cross the town is constantly monitored and at the moment it is normal. Road traffic problems are also reported as well as in some urban centers, along the provincial roads, with further landslides after those recorded on Monday the day before yesterday. In Cuglieri two roads in the agricultural area of ​​the town were affected by landslides, one to the north and one to the south. Mayor Andrea Loche has made it known that steps are being taken to free them and secure them.

Snow in South Tyrol

In the mountains of South Tyrol More than 50 centimeters of snow are also expected. On Monday the white flakes had already appeared around 1,400 meters but in the next few hours the snowline could drop to 800 meters. The ‘ideal line’ of snowfall should be confirmed as that of the Val Sarentino-Val d’Ultimo but heavy precipitation is also expected in the nearby Val Passiria.

The alarm in Liguria

Day of heavy rain in Liguria. Arpal has extended the yellow alert for thunderstorms, taken on Wednesday morning at 6 am until 8 pm on the central sector of the region, i.e. along the coast from Spotorno to Camogli including, Val Polcevera and Alta Val Bisagno. Instead, it will last until the night on the east and its hinterland. The strong southern winds to the east, the sea very rough, locally agitated, again on Thursday, in Levante. At the moment the maximum cumulative hourly was 28 millimeters in Panesi (Cogorno), which also records the highest total since midnight: 62 millimeters.

Bad weather in the Gulf of Naples

Strong wind and force 5 sea in the Gulf of Naples. The connections with the smaller islands, Ischia, Procida and Capri have been interrupted. All hydrofoils and ships departing from Naples from the Beverello and Porta di Massa docks have been suspended. Only a few ferries travel to and from Pozzuoli. There are many problems in mooring operations in Neapolitan ports, to the point of requiring the intervention of tugs.

Bad weather slowed the docking, with moments of tension between the passengers, in the port of Calata di Massa in Naples of the Driade ship which left Capri with the 9.40 am run. The over 100 passengers on board disembarked at 12:30 after a long crossing between Capri and Naples. Fear among passengers, some of whom feared a collision with the platform.

In Naples, parks and cemeteries closed by order of the mayor. In some municipalities of the province, the opening of schools has also been arranged, as well as in various centers of the Salerno area. In Cava de ‘Tirreni some discomfort due to rain occurs in the hamlets and the mayor’s invitation is to avoid travel unless strictly necessary until “the orange alert ceases”. In the Caserta area, flooding of streets and shops especially in the area of ​​Castel Volturno.

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