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Those shock insults to Meloni’s daughter: the haters don’t even stop in front of the children

Those shock insults to Meloni’s daughter: the haters don’t even stop in front of the children
Those shock insults to Meloni’s daughter: the haters don’t even stop in front of the children

Web haters spare nothing. And nobody. Not even the children. Certainly not the little one Geneva, the daughter of Giorgia Meloni, which can be brought up in the whirlwind of digital and media spite at every turn. Everything, as long as it is possible to hit the leader of FdI.

Unfortunately, it is a risk that is fatally incurred when one accepts the rules of engagement of politics-influencing. When, that is, political messages alternate with the private and personal life stores of mass leaders. It is also the reason why Giorgia Meloni, who has never given up on showing her human and maternal sensitivity towards her daughter, has for years now been darkening the face of little Ginevra, to protect her from this very phenomenon: visceral hatred. Which in this way, at least, remains confined to the web.

The latest string of horror attacks rained on Meloni on the occasion of Halloween, on the eve of All Saints’ Day, when children for at least two decades now have also begun in Italy to disguise themselves with dark masks and wander around the doors of their neighbors to ask for “trick or treat”. The party, it is undeniable, is a reflection of the American popular tradition, where Halloween is a cult phenomenon that has always embraced cinema, TV, literature.

Using this socio-cultural pick, the haters della Meloni, and also seasoned with a little friendly fire, they reproached her for choosing to share a tender photo of her in the company of Ginevra dressed as a devil. “Did you go to the US too? Are we Italians or not?”, “I don’t accept this American holiday”, “And the Italian traditions?”, “Italian holidays first”, are just some of the users’ posts.

On closer inspection, it is true, the origin of this tradition is not made in the USA but all of it european. Because the custom of exorcising Evil in conjunction with October 31 has very ancient origins that can be traced back to Ireland, when green Erin was dominated by the Celts. Halloween corresponds in fact to Samhain, the Celtic New Year. And only later did it arrive in America thanks to the Irish emigrants.

But this is not the point. Because certainly Meloni’s did not want to be a political message, nor a hymn to the ancestral customs of the Old Continent, much less an affront to the “Christian tradition” as some haters reproach them. Or even a tribute to Satanism, as some idiot speculates that below the post links an interview with the exorcist Father Amorth according to whom: “Celebrating Halloween is like celebrating the devil”.

Giorgia Meloni has always lived her maternal experience with pathos, as she herself has said on several occasions. And thanks to the limited time available to devote to her daughter due to her commitment to politics, she is not new to sharing the joys of everyday life in her company. If you really wanted to read some kind of message behind a simple family portrait, it would be this: in a country with one of the lowest birth rates in Europe, and where the maternal instinct is often repressed under the chores of everyday life. , the leader of a party with 20% of the votes, overburdened by commitments, overwhelmed by responsibilities, attentive to media and political and non-political opponents, has chosen to become a mother and raise her daughter in the healthiest and most natural way possible to make her feel exactly like other children.

Moreover, the haters of the web do it by profession, and genetically unable to keep the keyboard at bay they would have lashed out at Meloni even if she had posted an image of her daughter “sheltered” from Halloween costumes, perhaps accusing her of bigotry. either of a feudal family style or of nostalgia for fascist autarchy.

A family, perhaps, would be the case if they did too.

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