Amazon but not only, in Italy Zalando grows and Manomano advances

Amazon but not only, in Italy Zalando grows and Manomano advances
Amazon but not only, in Italy Zalando grows and Manomano advances

In Italy 79.8% of Italians buy online. The most successful products are clothing and footwear (36%), electronic devices for the home (36%), books and construction items (23%) and marketplace preferences reflect these buying habits. Thus, if the first two places in the ranking are covered by large generalist giants – first Amazon, followed by EBay, Zalando, a marketplace specialized in the fashion sector, already ranks in third place of the busiest sites in Italy, boasting a growth of 60% compared to last year. This is what emerges from a ‘map’ on marketplaces around the world developed by Yocabé, a company that supports brands in online sales.

Then, among the most compulsive marketplaces in Italy, AliExpress in fourth place and the Manomano site, dedicated to art and craftsmanship, which gains a position among the top 5 multi-brand online sales sites. And if France, Spain, United Kingdom and Germany return a picture rather similar to the Italian one, where Amazon and Ebay are the masters, in the rest of the world things are a bit different.

In the Netherlands the most used sales site is, a local marketplace that owes its success to the wide offer, fast shipping and affordable prices. The Scandinavian countries deserve a mention, where, although Amazon and the large generalists concentrate customers and sales, over the years many “native” sites have been born, capable of keeping up with the giants of ecommerce. One of them is Blocket which generates over 26 million visits every month, of which 91.46% from Sweden, 1% from Finland, 0.79% from Norway and 0.87% from Denmark.

A truly varied panorama that of Eastern Europe which, alongside the giants, sees the presence of many local sales sites, such as Allegro, a Polish generalist platform that caters to 16 million users and receives a lot of traffic. Another relevant marketplace in that geographical area, especially in the Polish market, is the generalist Olx, which receives over 122 million monthly visits from Poland and almost 54 million from Bulgaria. Olx is followed by, a Polish marketplace that offers different categories of products and attracts an average of 31 million visits per month. Wildberries, on the other hand, is the first marketplace in Russia. Each month it attracts over 183 million monthly visits on average.

In Latin America, over 47% of the population make their purchases online through MercadoLibre which, with an average of over 280 million monthly visits, is in fact the most popular marketplace in the region.

The Chinese universe of marketplaces is dominated by Alibaba, the giant founded by Jack Ma which in 2018 had a turnover of over 39.898 billion dollars. The group includes Taobao, a generalist e-commerce platform ranked among the 20 most visited websites in the world with over 500 million registered users; Tmall, focused on high quality products of clothing, personal care, furniture, food that has 233 million visits per month and Kaola, a marketplace that many Western luxury brands use to preside over the Chinese market.

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