“In Italy + 107% storms in one month”

03 November 2021 12:37

The association also raises the alarm for the agricultural sector, between production losses and damages of over 2 billion euros in 2021

The effects of climate change are also evident in Italy at the center of the UN conference in Glasgow Cop26. The consequences of climate change have also arrived in Italy, with a tendency towards tropicalization which manifests itself with a higher frequency of violent events, seasonal delays, short and intense rainfall and the rapid transition from the sun to bad weather.

According to the association “these precipitations also compromise the crops in the fields with damage to over 2 billion euros in 2021“. According to estimates, the Italian municipalities have risen to 7252, or 91.3% of the total, which are at risk of landslides and / or floods. Agriculture is the economic activity that more than any other experiences the consequences on a daily basis climate change, but it is also the sector most committed to tackling them.

This is a new challenge for the agricultural enterprises which must interpret the novelties reported by climatology and the effects on crop cycles, water management and land safety. The president of Coldiretti Ettore Prandini sides with the victims, specifying that “the damage caused by increasingly violent weather phenomena also in Italy tells us that we have entered a new phase of the phenomenon of climate change in front of which strategies are needed to ensure in the safety of territories and production activities. From this perspective, the NRP can represent an opportunity to introduce new techniques capable of dealing with those emergency situations that the instruments of current legislation are no longer able to govern “.

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