“Hypocritical game”, the truth about the vaccine – Libero Quotidiano

“Hypocritical game”, the truth about the vaccine – Libero Quotidiano
“Hypocritical game”, the truth about the vaccine – Libero Quotidiano

The Green Pass is a tool on which the government has wrapped itself up: it thinks so Andrea Crisanti, director of Microbiology of the University of Padua. The virologist explained that “the vaccine lasts only six months. Most vaccinations date back to April-July, those people should be revaccinated: we would have to have eight million vaccinations a month for six months to have 48 million people protected”. And given that the duration of the vaccine’s effectiveness is limited, Crisanti cannot explain why it was decided to enforce the green certificate for 12 months: “They played hypocritically with the Green pass and wrapped up“he told al Everyday occurrence.

“How do they now say that the vaccine lasts six months and people are no longer protected when the Green pass is valid for twelve months? This is the political problem “, the expert reiterated. After 6 months, in particular, “the protection of the infection drops to 40%, to 65-70% against serious illness”. Furthermore, according to Crisanti, the battle is not over yet: “We are still in the trenches. We are trying to buy time waiting for a more effective vaccine and more effective drugs. Today we have a vaccine that only works a little. “

The virologist then said he was against a possible extension of the state of emergency: “After two years it becomes an ordinary state and no good, it only proves that they have not understood us enough. “Finally he denounced the overshadowing of everything that is not vaccine, from treatment to surveillance:” It has all been abandoned, too easy to leave everything to the vaccine“.

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Hypocritical game truth vaccine Libero Quotidiano

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