Rome, SUV crashes into an institute of nuns and knocks down the enclosure wall

Rome, SUV crashes into an institute of nuns and knocks down the enclosure wall
Rome, SUV crashes into an institute of nuns and knocks down the enclosure wall

A thud, no braking noise. Then he yells at her. “The building vibrated and I immediately thought it was an earthquake,” he says Belinda’s sister, mother superior of Hospitallers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Instead, an SUV launched at a mad dash crashed into the entrance gate of the building in Piazza Salerno, also knocking down part of the enclosure wall. “A huge scare in the middle of the night. It must have been 2.30 am and the blow woke me up. The other sisters also immediately ran to see. There was this very large car climbing over the gate and four wounded young men were bleeding. Then the rescuers and the brigades arrived ». The four, three boys and one girl, all between 20 and 40, aboard a Range Rover black in color, for dynamics still to be ascertained, they lost control of the car and cut the roundabout in Piazza Salerno, swooping down on the religious building, also knocking down a road sign. Three of the boys were transported in code red, one to Umberto I and two to San Giovanni. A fourth person, however, to the Holy Spirit in orange code. On the spot the agents of the Local police of the II Sapienza Group. The SUV was impounded. The patches of blood are still on the asphalt like the oil that the car lost in the impact. And then pieces of the Range Rover scattered all over the place. A cursed roundabout: at that point, in June, 22-year-old Jacopo Maria Colistra lost his life aboard his scooter, but since then nothing had been done to secure the place.

“Those young people in the Range Rover touched their heads and screamed,” says another of the nuns, 14 sisters in all, who live at number 3 on the corner of via Spallanzani and via Morgagni. All morning yesterday there was a pilgrimage of residents. For many “it’s a miracle that those kids are alive, they looked drunk.” Others report hearing a very loud noise but no braking. “I jumped out of bed but from the windows of the house I couldn’t see anything,” says Beatrice, 35, who lives in via Baglivi.
At the base of the accident there would be high speed, while all 4 alcohol and drug tests were required. To understand yet who was driving. From piazza delle Provincie you enter via Bari, a long straight line that literally crosses the roundabout in piazza Salerno to enter via Morgagni.

A very large roundabout that many try to cut with disastrous consequences, ending up off the road. There is no road markings and above all the curb that delimits the roundabout is not visible. A factor now in the lens of the white helmets. With high speed it turns into a trampoline. Same dynamic for Colistra who crashed on the same wall. In the following months there were at least 5 or 6 other accidents fortunately without serious consequences. «This is the third time the gate has been broken down. It is very dangerous. An intervention is needed before other serious episodes occur, ”the nuns commented again. And on the Facebook group of Bologna square, many are returning to point the finger at the round one. Francesca reports her testimony: «That damned raised sidewalk in the center of the square. I bumped into it a thousand times too with the wheel of the car, during the day and going at 30 per hour. If you don’t pay attention to it you just don’t see it, let alone at night ». And in the neighborhood there are those who are mobilizing to collect signatures.



Rome SUV crashes institute nuns knocks enclosure wall

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