School bus, positive driver: 68 children end up in quarantine – Chronicle

School bus, positive driver: 68 children end up in quarantine – Chronicle
School bus, positive driver: 68 children end up in quarantine – Chronicle

Arezzo, 3 November 2021 – The little ones, with the imagination that colors their world, will see it as a sort of super hero. A “hero” who takes them to school in the morning and takes them home at noon. But now they will have to stay at home, at least a few days: and it is a joke that it was he who “betrayed” them, completely involuntarily. Him, the driver of a school bus.

He found out to be positive: and by chain, 68 children have ended up in quarantine for now. He, mind you, does not have any faults. If not that, perhaps, to be particularly scrupulous, just to defend his little passengers. At work for a municipality in the Valdichiana near Arezzo. Vaccinated twice and naturally “armed” with a very regular Green pass. But so painstaking that he rushed to get a swab as soon as one of his close family members discovered he had some line of fever. How many would have done it?

Few, trusting on that aura of invincibility that the green card below transmits to you. But he was right: it tested positive. And here the troubles started. Because while Rome works to loosen the rules, now decidedly outdated, the old ones remain in force. And that all children who have had a ride from the infected driver’s school bus are locked up in quarantine.

And in small municipalities these means are “ecumenical”: they take children from maternal to middle school. Result? All at home, all in distance learning, except those who attend kindergartens, who have little to do with Dad. A paradox while the scientific technical committee speaks of quarantines in the classroom only in the face of three positives? Probably yes, indeed definitely yes: but neither the driver, nor the Municipality nor the ASL are to blame.

If anything, the slightly “Bourbon” times with which certain touches and tweaks of the rules are brought to the end. The route of the minibus was reconstructed (as confirmed by the Agi agency): and how many students had used it during the week. Total 68, from childhood to primary to middle school. All in quarantine. But now checks are underway. The Municipality is reviewing the list of children provided to the ASL tracking.

While waiting for the new rules, there is an old one that can be easily applied: to trigger the quarantine, the children must remain on board the public transport for more than 15 minutes. And there are families from which the school bus arrives first, in less than a quarter of an hour. Someone will be “freed” on the thread of the hands. Meanwhile, the day gives us another 16 cases: all in Valdarno, in the lead Terranuova and Cavriglia, who found themselves with the match in hand for this last phase of the pandemic.

But look at the data: of 16, ten are of school age. And as it turns out, almost all of them are under the age of 12, a “generation” that still cannot be vaccinated. No protection and so they get sick: and even if they don’t get sick they end up in quarantine because of their companions.

And there are many: yesterday in solitary confinement there were 1481 close contacts, many of which “snatched” from the classes. No one in the hospital: where admissions have risen to 6 but all older ones. And that certainly have not been in contact with the “super hero” behind the wheel

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