“In Milan goods are delivered at night and public transport is enhanced”

Create external distribution centers but in the vicinity of the city and others within it, for deliveries of the last short stretch, set up lockers for small packages, create multi-operator spaces for distribution in neighborhoods and loading bays. unloading with remote control systems. And again, make deliveries at night and upgrade public transport, also and above all in the metropolitan area. These are the proposals of the Automobile Club Milano to improve urban mobility.

The ideas, put forward by Aci through the mobility commission, address the issue of logistics and public transport. “These fundamental aspects of the Milanese mobility have not been explored even in the recent electoral debate – affirms the president of the club Geronimo La Russa – I thank our experts who have provided concrete proposals by discussing with authoritative experts and managers of the two sectors”.

As for city logistics, Aci asks that deliveries of goods (to supply distribution centers, lockers and multi-operator spaces) be carried out at night. While with regard to local public transport, the proposal is to increase and improve the offer by making more vehicles available and increasing investments for the service through new models, including rental and leasing models.

Furthermore, to improve mobility in Milan, according to Aci it is very important to favor intermodality by intervening on the access roads to the stations and on the interchange areas, to be made attractive through various services, and the implementation of a differentiation of timetables. “All the proposals – explains the president of the mobility commission Cesare Stevan – must absolutely be understood and interpreted in the key of the vast metropolitan area. It is time to say enough to a vision of the problems that is limited only to the city of Milan, or even to its central areas. And an active role of the public administration is also fundamental “.


Milan goods delivered night public transport enhanced

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